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BlogTalkRadio Today: Lil Mama Takes on TLC’s Left Eye | 06.17.13

Rapper lil mama on Playing Left Eye in upcoming TLC doc

by Hampton Blu Radio in ENTERTAINMENT

Actress, rapper, speaker and entrepreneur Lil Mama chats about her career and her upcoming role as Left Eye in Crazy Sexy Cool, VH1’s upcoming TLC biopic.

High-tech talk with steve gonsalves of ‘ghost hunters’

by America’s Most Haunted in PARANORMAL

Ghost Hunters veteran Steve Gonsalves is technology manager and lead evidence analyst of The Atlantic Paranormal Society. Hear him talk about the show and the latest ghost-hunting equipment.

Get Wedding day DJ advice in less than 10 minutes

by World Kitchen in WOMEN

We’re halfway through the year’s most popular wedding month! If you’re in need of music help, learn tips like what to give your DJ, including lists of must-play songs, play-if-you-can songs and don’t-play songs. 

Surviving cancer: There’s an app for that?

by Stupid Cancer Show in HEALTH

As advances in cancer rely more on high-tech solutions, new advantages arise for those living with and managing cancer. Guests include MedStartr CEO Alex Fair and Health 2.0 SVP Jean-Luc Neptune.

Big Blend Radio stirs up summer: gardening tips & Recipes

by Big Blend Radio in FAMILY

Whether you’re looking to perfect your summer vegetable garden or container garden, get tips from the best. Plus, recipes from The Organic Gardeners Cookbook and many more guests!

Overheard: To Land the Job, Pump Up Your LinkedIn | 05.09.13

power up your linkedIn profile to land your next job

by Feisty Side of Fifty in JOBS

Jobseekers know that many recruiters today are now forgoing traditional methods of sourcing candidates and turning directly to LinkedIn. Get tips to power up your profile and help recruiters and HR reps find you.

mother’s day gift ideas for health, wellness & beauty

by In the Mix Web Radio in FAMILY

Still in need of a gift for Mother’s Day this Sunday? Get gift ideas that promote wellness, good health and bring out her natural beauty, such as homemade facial masks, natural perfumes, organic coffee and more. 

scratching your head over ‘mad men’? Season 6 Decoded

by Mad Men Talk: Decoding the Show in ENTERTAINMENT

Loving Mad Men Season 6 but got questions? Get answers from Salon.com’s Nelle Engoron, author of Mad Men Unmasked: Decoding Season 4.

Does organic food kill, And is it picking your pocket?

by Rainbow Soul in HEALTH

Tune in as Harvard alum Dr. Jennifer Daniels reveals the workings of the modern health system, the meaning of organic and how those food choices could be destroying your health and picking your pocket.

Do-Good DIY: REBUILDING a veteran’s home after sandy

by MyFixItUpLife in DESIGN

Hear from volunteers rebuilding a vet’s home in Moonachie, N.J., after the devastation of Sandy. Guests: Ty Pennington of HLN’s American Journey and Ryan Ostrom of Homes for Heroes, plus Rebuilding Together Chairman Brad Segal, Moonachie Mayor Dennis Vaccaro and Congressman Bill Pascrell, Jr.