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‘Warehouse 13′ Star CCH Pounder: Host Bob Andelman Knows More About My Show Than I Do!

We don’t call him Mr. Media for nothing.

CCH Pounder—who plays the often all-knowing Mrs. Irene Frederic on the hit Syfy series Warehouse 13—was chatting with Mr. Media Radio host Bob Andelman this week when she stopped mid-confab to heap some praise upon him.

PHOTO CAPTION: "I don't know if you've ever noticed, but Mrs. Frederic, she never opens a door," CCH (above) tells us of her "Warehouse 13" character. "She's just THERE."

"I don't know if you've ever noticed, but Mrs. Frederic, she never opens a door," CCH (above) tells us of her "Warehouse 13" character. "She's just THERE."

“Mr. Media, you know more about Warehouse 13 than the back of my hand,” said CCH (which, incidentally, stands for her birth name, Carol Christine Hilaria) as Bob was running through a detailed breakdown of her and co-stars Eddie McClintock, Joanne Kelly and Saul Rubinek‘s story lines since the show launched last year.

“I am so impressed! There were things that even I missed,” she added.

“Mrs. Frederic is under a little bit of strain in these last two episodes, and there are glitches in the machinery.”

In the final two episodes of Warehouse 13‘s second season, which wraps Sept. 21, CCH’s character (who’s the head of a secret government organization) puts her life on the line to try and save The Warehouse.

“That’s where we see a chink in the armor,” she said of Mrs. Frederic, who gets a little help from a doctor played by Lindsay Wagner of The Bionic Woman fame.

CCH, who also played Moat in James Cameron‘s Avatar, said she took the role in Warehouse 13 as a change of pace after a career playing heavies.

“I thought it would be a lightweight version of taking a break from the very, very strong and under-pressure Mrs. Claudette Wims from The Shield. I call it ‘X-Files Lite.’

“[The producers] had not, at the outset, decided whether Mrs. Frederic was human or not; how old she was; or where she comes from.

“To this day, I still don’t know any of that information. She has no beginning and no end.”

To hear CCH Pounder’s full interview click here.

Programming Highlights; July 6, 2010

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