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The Power Hour with Scott and Steve!

If I had a top 3 of favorite nights on BlogTalkRadio, last night would be number 1. Maybe Im a little biased with a long marketing background but, Scott Baradell from Idea Grove and the popular blog Media Orchard hosted his show last night with a very special guest, Steve Rubel from Edelman one of the most successful PR firms in the US.

Scott and Steve both have a chemistry together that kept you riveted to the show. There were moments
of serious talk, and then the hilarity of banter regarding competition, and so on. Then the calls started coming in and the conversation was informative and captivating to say the least.

This was Scott’s line up of conversation:
1. Why Jimmy Wales, Second Lifers and others don’t like PR people.
2. Why Edelman has taken so much grief over the past few months.
3. Whether telling chicks in bars that you’re the “original PR doyen” is the ultimate aphrodisiac.
4. Whatever YOU want to talk about.

When the show was over everyone who I talked to said, they could have listened to them for another 10 hours. Poor Scott and Steve though did need to get some sleep, after all to be as successful as they are they do need their rest. I will now direct you to Scott’s Blog as he will be able to describe more in-depth of what transpired over that almost 90 minute show we at BlogTalkRadio were thrilled to be able to provide our listeners.

Click here for Scott’s blog

Click here for the show

Amy Domestico

Programming Manager