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Unearthing Gems from the BlogTalkRadio Archive

You may have noticed some changes to the BlogTalkRadio homepage in the last few days.  We’re trying something new!

In the past, the Featured Talk Radio Shows area has been used to spotlight recently-aired programming that was not spotlighted in other ways on the site, or that was happening spur of the moment.  We still have the ability to use this area for that purpose.

But since we have thousands and thousands of archived episodes on every subject under the sun, why not present some of our great interviews from the last three years, grouped by theme?  So far, we’ve showcased Broadway stars, summer dining, Harry Potter fans, baseball fever, and more!

Here is where you, the BlogTalkRadio hosts and listeners, come in.

BTR home page

If you have a great idea for a theme for the BlogTalkRadio homepage, we’d love to hear it.  Post it in the Comments section of this blogpost, or email it to hostpr [at] blogtalkradio.com.  (We may not be able to respond to every idea, but we are taking them all down!)

Please include an episode (or episodes) that you think represent this theme well, and we’ll do some research to see if we can make a go of it.  Recommend one of your own shows, a show of a friend, or a favorite show you have heard in the past!

We look forward to receiving your suggestions – and keep an eye out for your theme idea on the BlogTalkRadio homepage!


Features Editor