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Election 2012 Coverage From Every Angle on BlogTalkRadio

Election 2012 Voting Polls in Brooklyn NY

Election 2012 Voting Polls in Brooklyn, NY

“Left, right … left, right, left …” No matter which way you lean, BTR’s got plenty of Election 2012 coverage, and sometimes it gets downright ugly in the comments section, like these 39 people at each others’ throats.

If you lean right, hear Sylvio Canto on the Texas Hispanic vote or the fiery redhead Lisa Richards’ supercharged show.

If you’re left-leaning, get the Progressive POV with Kudzu Vine, featuring the “GOP Outrage of the Week,” or Wild Wild Left’s fracking episode.

Want to hear what the experts have to say? Tune in to Halli Casser-Jayne speaking with the top political pundits.

Still undecided? We’ve got categories both Progressive and Conservative, as well as a Town Hall Debate with all of the Third-Party Candidates.

And whatever you decide, we encourage you all to exercise your right to vote and be heard at the polls today!