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Podcasts Showing Growth in Traffic, Revenue

Some new figures released yesterday indicate podcast audiences – and revenue – are growing and that the future looks bright.

Duncan Riley at TechCrunch pointed us to interesting post by eMarketer yesterday that shows that podcasts are (again) taking off in both traffic and revenue with a healthy outlook ahead. Riley reports:


According to eMarketer, the total podcast audience in the United States was 18.5 million in 2007 and will rise to 65 million in 2012. “Active listeners” (defined as people who download more than one podcast) were 6.5 million in 2007 and expected to be 25 million in 2012.

At BlogTalkRadio, we’ve seen this growth in action. Our listener numbers continue to rise as more and more people see the benefit of a network as broad and deep as BlogTalkRadio. January saw over 2.4 million listeners tapping into our citizen broadcasts, a 40% increase in listeners since we came out of Beta.

Of course, we’re more than just an audio file shoved through an RSS feed. We are the Internet’s first live social talk radio network for citizen broadcasters. It’s our real-time audio and text interaction PLUS the social networking, asynchronous messaging and time-shifting options that makes us different and more appealing to the millions of BlogTalkRadio hosts and listeners.

The revenue figures are impressive, too as eMarketer indicates advertising in 2007 hit $165 million and is expected to grow to $435 million in 2012. This is great news for anyone enrolled in our Revenue Sharing Program who wants a piece of this action.