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EXCLUSIVE: Tiffany Pollard Breaks Her Silence About Breakup with Fiancé

Turns out that George Weisgerber wasn’t so “Tailor Made” for Tiffany Pollard after all.

In an exclusive interview on BlogTalkRadio’s Hollywood Hits, the star of the VH1’s  I Love New York dishes for the first time about her breakup with George, telling us, “Things started to sever and taper and fall off, to the point where it felt like we were just total strangers.”


“Things just wound up not working out,” Tiffany tells us of splitting with her squeeze.

Tiffany, who was engaged to George in December during the finale of I Love New York 2, also reveals she was “a hundred percent” in love with her fiancé—and the couple even shacked up for awhile!

“That was my guy, I was his girl.  We lived together, actually,” she tells host Emilio Velez.

“There’s nothing he wouldn’t do for me, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for him. Like, things were really real. We really did try to work this thing out,” adds Tiffany.

“But, you know, several attempts later,” she sighs, “we found out that it was just best to part ways.”

On her new VH1 show, New York Goes to Hollywood, which debuts Monday, Aug. 4 at 10 p.m. ET/PT, Tiffany reportedly dishes further about her split with George.

Until then, she’s not spilling to anyone.

To hear Tiffany’s full interview, click here.