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David Mills: 1961-2010. ‘I’ve Gotta Get Myself Healthy’ to Write, ‘Treme’ Scribe Told Us

David Mills, who penned scripts for such hit shows as ER, NYPD Blue and The Wire, died yesterday of a brain aneurysm at age 48.

Tragically, he did not live to see the debut of his most recent effort, HBO’s Treme, which kicks off Sunday, April 11 and “explores the lives of several struggling musicians and other New Orleans locals in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.”

 "The TV business is remarkable monochromatic," David (above) told us.

"The TV business is remarkable monochromatic," David (above) told us.

When David spoke to us in August 2009, he had just gotten word that Treme had been picked up by HBO.

“I will be one of the writers on that show. We’ll be back in New Orleans in November to continue filming. We filmed the pilot in March and April,” he told BlogTalkRadio host Kevin Ross during the 12-minute interview.

Ironically, when Kevin asked about David’s focus in the coming months, the Emmy-winning scribe, Continue reading