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Mandy Moore: Coy About Engagement to Ryan Adams (But Not Shy About Wooing Woody Allen!)

She may be newly engaged to Ryan Adams, but Mandy Moore still sounds a tad hesitant about her long-term plans with the rocker.

“I guess that’s what I’m hearin’,” Mandy (above) tells us of her betrothal to Ryan.

“I guess that’s what I’m hearin’,” Mandy (above) tells us of her betrothal to Ryan.

Interviewed on BlogTalkRadio’s World Talk Live!, Mandy tells host Brett Cohen that she’s “just takin’ it one day at a time.”

“Are you planning the wedding yet?” Brett asks the pop princess.

“No, no, that’s not something I’m necessarily think- ing about at this point. I’m kind of just enjoying life right now,” says the I Wanna Be with You singer, 24.

Later on, Mandy – who’s also a budding screen idol – expresses her desire to meet another guy.

“My favorite movie is Annie Hall and I already got to work with Diane Keaton [in the 2007 flick Because I Said So]. But I’d love to work with Woody Allen. That would be pretty cool,” she says.

Meanwhile, Mandy has got an even cooler project in the works.

The happy couple stolling in the Big Apple last summer.

The happy couple ambling in the Big Apple last summer.

“I’m a big, nerdy fan of Gain deter- gent. I know it sounds kind of random, but we all have our everyday things in life that we love, to turn our friends onto and whatnot,” she says.

“So the folks at Gain…approached me about doing this contest where they’ve set up a website [and] other people who are as just as obsessed with the way it smells are going to log on and tell us [why] they love the scent of Gain.

“And the winner will potentially get a free concert in their hometown.”

Any guess who’ll be the headline act at the concert?

That’s right – the New Hampshire- born beauty herself.

“I’ve always had this weird fantasy of getting to perform in someone’s backyard.

“And there’s a ‘Welcome to Our Town, Mandy’ banner floating in the background. And there’s barbeque and we make s’mores at night and everyone’s drinking lemonade and we all know each other’s names at the end of the day.”

Sounds peachy, Mandy. Count us in!

To hear Mandy’s full interview, today, February 13, at 8 p.m., click here.

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Justin Guarini: Reina and I Want a Huge Wedding Bash!

EDITOR’S NOTE Sept. 25, 2009: To read Justin’s comments about his pending wedding to Reina, click here.

BlogTalkRadio’s favorite American Idol runner-up has got his eye on a tropical honeymoon – though only if his fiancée OK’s the destination.

Ready to bid bachelorhood adieu.

Justin: Ready to bid bachelorhood adieu.

After announcing his engagement to longtime gal pal Reina Capodici on his show in September, Justin Guarini now reveals details of his big day.

“We’re right now compiling the guest list. And we are easily, at the end of it, going to have about 500 people. It’s going to be very big,” the pop star said recently on The Justin Guarini Show.

“We’re shooting for a June wedding. [And] with the way thing are going, we’re going to have a gigantic party. And that’s what we want – a huge bash.”

Justin, 30, has also picked out a hot spot for the honeymoon – if Reina approves it:

“I know where I’d like to go. I’d really ike to go to the South Pacific. But gotta clear that with my fiancée.”

Meet the missus.

Reina: Meet the missus.

Like Justin, Reina was raised in Doylestown, Pa., where her mom, Karen, taught English at the local middle school. In fact, back in the day, Karen was Justin’s teacher!

Justin fans in the Philadelphia area can cheer him on tomorrow as he rides in the Ikea Thanksgiving Day Parade – and belts out a few musical numbers.

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