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BlogTalkRadio Host Tip of the Week: Engaging Listeners

hosttip-of-the-week1An engaged and interactive listener community can add a whole new dimension to your online radio show and can take a good show to the next level. Whether you are a new host unsure of where to start, or a seasoned host looking for new ideas, here are some tips to help you get listeners more engaged in your BlogTalkRadio show:

1. Take Live Callers:
A great way to get listeners interacting on your show is to encourage questions and feedback through your call-in line. There are many ways to manage live callers using BlogTalkRadio’s switchboard, depending on your hosting style and the level of control you would like to maintain over the show’s content. Some hosts engage callers by immediately bringing them live on-air as they appear on the switchboard, while other hosts feel more comfortable bringing only scheduled callers live on-air so they can stay focused on the central theme and avoid any content surprises. With BlogTalkRadio premium services, we offer the best of both worlds: our premium enhanced switchboard enables hosts to screen callers, and thus organize caller’s content, before bringing them onto the show.

2. Open Your Chatroom and Engage Your Chatters:
When you open your chatroom during your live show, your listeners can engage in chat with you, as well as with other listeners. Managing the chatroom during your live show is an effective way to enable discussion and can be another avenue for live listeners to ask questions and give feedback that you can respond to in real time. In addition, opening your chatroom can help bring in more listeners by creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and interactivity that listeners will want to return to and suggest to friends.

3. Benefit From A Co-host:
Introducing a co-host to your online radio show can help you better engage your listeners, in tandem with the two tips we’ve already discussed, while adding friendly banter and calmness to your show. Imagine having a friend take on half the tasks during hosting! Look for a co-host who complements your hosting style and with whom you feel comfortable. Try out a few test shows to make sure that your differing viewpoints and chemistry make a positive addition to the show.

4. Have a Contest:
Listeners love to win swag, and adding a contest to your show can be a great way to get the less vocal people involved. Host a trivia contest, a competition between listeners, or an idea-generating event to demonstrate your desire for your listeners to interact with you and each other. To encourage listeners to tune in repeatedly, you can introduce a multi-week contest, giving clues during multiple shows, so listeners are motivated to tune in and listen to each show up through the contest deadline.

5. Use Sound Clips:
Sound effects, original music, and pre-taped segments create a more diverse audio landscape for your listeners. Plus, your options for content increase exponentially, thus expanding opportunities to create more imaginative and fun content. Laughter, applause, doorbells, catch-phrases, and sound effects are easy to find online for free, and can help keep your listeners focused and entertained.

In upcoming tips, we’ll expand on these ideas with more examples and recommendations. If you have any recommendations, feel free to email us at service-at-blogtalkradio.com or add it in the comments below and we’ll look to include them in future entries.