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This Week in BlogTalkRadio, 1/4-1/10

Here is just a smattering of the great content that aired on BlogTalkRadio this past week:brod

Ana Ortiz, co-star of Ugly Betty, previewed the upcoming season with Mr. Media.

Cinematographer Don Burgess talked about the new buzzed- about flick The Book of Eli.

Neyom Friday welcomed Emmy-winning musician Peter Buffett to talk about his charity work.

Author and former Reuters VP David Mathison launched Be the Media Radio with CEO of BlogTalkRadio Alan Levy as his first guest.

107151_D_0167Beauty expert and bestselling author Paula Begoun launched her own show, The Cosmetics Cop.

Hunky actor Shawn Ashmore, known for his role as Iceman in the X-Men trilogy of films, talks about his latest film role in Frozen.

Beloved actor Matthew Broderick dished on his latest film, Wonderful World.

Ernest Borgnine returns to talk about his Hallmark Original Movie The Wishing Well, and American Idol alum Anoop Desai, affectionately referred to as Anoop-Dawg, talks about life after Idol.

It’s a Revealing Edition of ‘The Mix’!

How revealing, you ask?

Well, much as we’d like to answer that, we don’t want to reveal too much about the revelations – except to say they answer such all- important questions as:

“I had the opportunity to leave college early . . . like Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan,” Patrick Ewing (here in a pre-9/11 New York City) tells BlogTalkRadio.

“I had the opportunity to leave college early. . . like Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan,” Patrick Ewing (here in a pre-9/11 New York City) tells us.

—Did music producer Phil Spector – who was arrest- ed in 2003 for the fatal shooting of actress Lana Clarkson, only to be acquitt- ed four years later – brand- ish guns at The Ramones while he was recording End of the Century with the punk rockers in 1980?

—Why does “Snapple Lady” Wendy Kaufman “despise and detest the people” from confectionery powerhouse Cadbury?

—Who inspired NBA legend Patrick Ewing to finish all four year of his Georgetown education – rather than leave the university early to turn pro?

—At what age did formerly 500-pound actor Ron Lester lose his innocence – and to whom?

—What eyebrow-raising story about himself did Ernest Borgnine Google with intense interest this past summer?

So don’t miss The Mix, hosted by everyone’s favorite pod jockey, Shaun Daily, tonight – and every Monday – at 9 p.m. ET!


Ernest Borgnine: I’ve Always Told Friends, This Is How I Keep Young

He may be turning 92 next month, but Ernest Borgnine is showing no signs of slowing down in the, ah, potency department.

In an unbridled interview with Radio Happy Hour host Dr. Blogstein, the Oscar-winning actor reveals why he slipped up this summer and let the secret to his youthful appearance slip on live national television.

Hats off (and that’s not all!).

Ernie: Hats off (and that’s not all).

When Steve Doocy of Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends asked Enrie in August, “You’re 91 years old.  You look fantastic… What’s the secret?” the McHale’s Navy star shot back, “I don’t dare tell you. I masturbate a lot.”

Now Ernie explains to Dr. B. that he had no idea the retort would be heard ‘round the world.

“I’ve always said so many times, amongst friends, that’s what I do because it keeps me young. And everybody would fall down laughing for a while.  And that was it.  Everybody would get a good laugh.

“Well, this one fella kept it up at Fox News – ‘Oh, you gotta tell me! You gotta tell me!’ So, without remembering that I had a microphone on, I leaned over and I told him,” continues Ernie, whose autobiography, Ernie, was published in July.

“Well, you should have seen the fellas behind the camera. They fell on the floor! They couldn’t believe what I’d said.  And I looked at them and said, Why would they collapse like that? And suddenly I remembered the mic.”

Ernie also says that, despite being a nonagenarian, he has no aversion to playing a stud on the silver screen.

When Dr. B. asks him, “If they were to write a good script, would you still play a love-story part?” Ernies replies:

“Hey, listen, if they could see me as a love story, believe me, I’d do it!”

To hear Ernie’s full interview, click here.