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Tonight’s ‘Access New York’: Punk Rocker Evan Seinfeld and Wife Tera Patrick

We like to think of Evan Seinfeld and Tera Patrick as F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald meets Andy Warhol.

That is to say, fun-loving, outrageous, on-the-edge and unabashedly over-the-top.

Terrible twosome: Tera (left) with Evan.

Terrible twosome: Tera & Evan.

But you decide for yourself.

Tonight on Access New York, hosts Amber Lee Ettinger and Kelly Brady welcome the naughty hubby-wife team.

Evan, as music and TV fans know, is frontman for the punk band The Spyderz, and also played Jaz Hoyt on HBO’s Oz.

Tera – a favorite Howard Stern Show guest – is host of the popular webcast The Tera Patrick Show, as well a model who has appeared in FHM, Playboy and other laddie mags.

Also joining Amber and Kelly tonight will be Irish chef Stephen Hartigan, co-author of the hot new book No More Takeout! A Visual Do-It-Yourself Guide to Cooking.

Access New York with Amber & Kelly airs Thursdays at 7 p.m. ET on BlogTalkRadio.

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