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4-Time Oscar-nominated Actor Ed Harris

by Movie Geeks United in MOVIES

Acclaimed actor Ed Harris (Pollock) discusses the Cold War submarine thriller Phantom, co-starring David Duchovny.

MUSIC AND FILM SUperstars Brandy and Jill Scott

by My Fierce Wings Radio in MUSIC

Grammy-winning singers and actresses Brandy Norwood and Jill Scott chat about music, working with Tyler Perry and more.

DESMOND BISHOP of the green bay packers

by theconversationsshow in SPORTS

Packers linebacker Desmond Bishop talks about his love for the game, life in the NFL and more.

50 Shades of Grey Narrator Becca Battoe

by On Air with Doug and Rob in BOOKS

One of the top audiobook narrators in Hollywood, Becca Battoe voiced one of the bestselling audio book in history, Fifty Shades of Grey, by E.L. James.


by somewhereinvegas in COMEDY

Known for his role as Andy on the hit show Everybody Love Raymond, comedian Andy Kindler is the voice of Mort on Fox’s Bob’s Burgers.

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Brad Garrett, Jake Gyllenhaal, Anne Hathaway, Mena Suvari and More Today on BlogTalkRadio

brad-garrett6Brad Garrett: The Everybody Loves Raymond star offers a decidedly un-Disneyesque synopsis of his new animated flick—Disney’s Tangled, starring Mandy Moore as Rapunzel. “It’s this hot chick who lives in a castle,” Brad tells Night Views Radio host Robert Saul of the classic children’s tale, opening today. “And, oddly enough, it’s her…” Ah, listen now.

jake-anneJake Gyllenhaal & Anne Hathaway: The Brokeback Mountain and Devil Wears Prada stars reveal an R-rated moment while on the set of their new romantic comedy, Love and Other Drugs. “When we turned around and drove up,” Anne tells Keeping It Reel host Tim Gordon, “the crew decided to moon us.”

paolocoehlo3Paulo Coelho: The iconic Brazilian writer chats with Syndicated News host Ruthie DiTucci about the 20th anniversary edition of his allegorical novel The Alchemist, which has sold more than 65 million copies—and holds the Guinness World Record for most translated book by a living author.

mena-suvari1Mena Suvari: The American Beauty star and Catarina Murino—who played Solange opposite Daniel Craig in Casino Royale—drop in on Movie Geeks United hosts Jamey DuVall and Jerry Dennis to chat about their new flick, The Garden of Eden, based on Ernest Hemingway’s posthumously-completed novel of the same name.

john-ohurleyJohn O’Hurley: Seinfeld’s J. Peterman tells host Bob “Mr. Media” Andelman how he landed his hosting gig for The National Dog Show Presented by Purina: “It came to me as a big surprise one day when the head of NBC Sports gave me a call and said, ‘Woof! Woof!’ That’s how it started 9 years ago.”

bj-thomas1B.J. Thomas: The pop icon recalls having laryngitis while recording the Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid soundtrack, which would yield the Oscar-winning megahit Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head. “The 20th Century Fox guy said, ‘Boy this is great,” B.J. tells Milling About host Robin Milling. It sounds like maybe Paul Newman was singing!’”

Daily Highlights: Wednesday; September 22, 2010

carter-macityre1Stardish Radio’s Jo Ann Kubasek gets up close and personal with Carter MacIntyre, who’s done guest turns on such hit shows as E.R. and Nip/Tuck. The hottie will chat about his starring role on J.J. Abrams’ action series Undercovers, which bows tonight on NBC.

Lessons Learned’s Rick Tocquigny hangs with Bill Mumy, who’ll forever be known to sci-fi fans as Will Robinson from the ‘60s TV series Lost in Space. Billy, who also starred on Babylon 5, will chat about his musical career, as half the comedy-rock duo Barnes & Barnes.

Jazzin Em Up host Cres O’Neal swings with saxophonist Michael Lington, who scored a No. 1 hit with the 2008 track You and I, and whose first best-of album drops Oct. 1. The contempo-jazz star will also chat about his work with the Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation.

Go for It host Paul Gant goes one-on-one with Willie Roaf—aka Nasty—who played offensive tackle for the New Orleans Saints and Kansas City Chiefs. The 7-time Pro Bowler will weigh in on the current NFL season and (of course) the 18-game debate.

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Brad Garrett on an ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ Reunion: ‘That will never happen’

As with every long-running sitcom that has wrapped, there’s always a chance that those involved in creating the magic will be enticed to reunite.

So when Brad Garrett dropped in on Night Views Radio, host Robert Saul was quick to ask about an Everybody Loves Raymond reunion.

CAPTION: "He couldn't have been further from the character he played," Brad (above) tells us of Peter. "He was very educated, very astute when it came to politics and world affairs."

"He couldn't have been further from the character he played," Brad (above) tells us of co-star Peter. "He was very educated, very astute when it came to politics and world affairs."

And without missing a beat, Brad—who played Robert Barone on the CBS series that signed off in 2005— replied:

“No, that will never happen. Ray [Romano] isn’t the type who would ever do that. Like Jerry Seinfeld, Ray knew when to go out.

“To this day, nobody made the money on TV that Ray did, on the last two years of the show… The money he turned down just to do a year 10 was unfathomable.

“But what’s great about Ray is, it’s all about the craft. And he knew we were out of stories and he really wanted to go out on top. We knew there’d never be a reunion. But with the passing of Peter [Boyle], there would never, ever… Out of respect, out of the love we have for Peter— you know, he was such a huge part of that show. And to try Continue reading

Brad Garrett’s New Occupation: Comedy Club Proprietor!

Ray Barone’s big bro is finally striking out on his own—in Sin City.

Interviewed on Night Views Radio, Brad Garrett, who played Robert Barone on the hit CBS sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond, revealed a new business venture.

Brad: Goin' the (Rodney) Dangerfield's route.

Brad: Goin' the (Rodney) Dangerfield's route.

“On June 28, I’m opening up my own comedy club. In Las Vegas —at the Tropicana,” the funnyman told host Michael Nayt at Annie Duke Celebrity Poker Night last week at the Commerce Casino in Las Vegas, which benefited After-School All-Stars.

“I’m very very excited. ‘I’ve always wanted a club,” he added.

“We’re going back to old Vegas —like the Cocoa Room—and it’s very very cool.”

Moments later, Brad invited Continue reading