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Finding Guests for Your BlogTalkRadio Shows


by Deborah Ng

Many of our BlogTalkRadio hosts are old pros when it comes to signing up guests to appear on the shows. Many of our newer hosts, on the other hand, wouldn’t mind a few ideas for getting guests. Here are a few ideas that can help:

Look Online for Experts in Your Niche

Thanks to the Internet, experts in your field are easy to reach out to. Even better, most are more than willing to give an interview. They want the publicity as much as you want the interview. Search for blogs and websites written by experts in your niche and contact those experts using the site’s “contact” page.

Ask Your Fellow Hosts

Many of your fellow hosts are experts in their own right and they would be more than happy to swap guest spots. Reach out to them via BlogTalkRadio or our forum. In fact, we even have our folder at our forum for guests looking for shows.

Use the Social Networks

Want to find a guest? Put the word out on Twitter or another social network. Chances are, you’ll find more than a few takers.

Try Profnet

When I was a freelance writer my favorite way of finding interview subjects was to sign up for Profnet. Profnet allows you to reach out to publicists via their online form. Tell them you’re an online radio host looking for guests in your niche. Be forewarned though, sometimes you receive more responses than your mailbox can handle.

Your turn: How do you find guests for your BlogTalkRadio show?