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Judge Hatchett, ‘Football Wives’ Star Pilar Sanders and Wendy Williams Co-author Zondra Hughes Today on BlogTalkRadio

judge-hatchettJudge Glenda Hatchett: The former host of the long-running syndicated TV show Judge Hatchett, who now serves on the board of the Atlanta Falcons, stops by Healthtopia Radio to chat with host Bonnie MeChelle about her new book, Dare to Take Charge: How to Live Your Life on Purpose.

pilar-sanders2Pilar Sanders: The wife of NFL Network commentator—and former NFL and MLB player— Deion Sanders chats with Go 4 It’s Paul Gant about her new VH1 reality series Football Wives, opposite Amanda Davis, Chanita Foster, Melani Ismail, Britney Pigrenet, Dawn Neufeld and Erin McBriar.

zondra-hughesZondra Hughes: The editor of N’DigoOnline—who co-wrote Wendy Williams’ 2009 novel Ritz Harper Goes to Hollywood—drops in on Find Yourself host Yvonne F. Brown to chat about her outrageous new book, Living the Ebony Life: E-Mails from the Plantation.

michael-jackson6Is Superstar Still Among Us? It’s been 18 months since Michael Jackson passed. But fans the world over believe the King of Pop may have faked his own demise. Death-hoax investigators Tom Pickering and Maura Stephens join host Carlotta Chatwood for Part 9 in this continuing series.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., ‘Blossom’ Star Mayim Bialik, Video Blogger Steve Garfied and More Today on BlogTalkRadio

rfk-jrRobert F. Kennedy Jr.: The son of America’s 64th Attorney General talks with World Footprints Radio about his new documentary, River at Risk 3D. “It was a chance to go down the Colorado River,” he tells hosts Tonya and Ian Fitzpatrick. “That’s important to be because my father took me on this river when I was 13.”

mayim-bialik4Mayim Bialik: The star of the hit ‘90s sitcom Blossom, who went on to earn a Ph.D. in neuroscience, drops in on pal Brandon Henslee of Brandon’s Buzz to chat up her latest role, as Amy Farrah Fowler on the CBS comedy The Big Bang Theory. Plus: Law and Order: SVU’s Christine Lahti.

jackie-gingrich1Jackie Gingrich Cushman: Newt Gingrich’s daughter, whose syndicated column covers politics and news events from a mother’s perspective, drops in on AACONS host Marie Stroughter to discusss her new book, The Essential American: 25 Documents and Speeches Every American Should Own.

steve-garfieldSteve Garfield: Video-blogging pioneer Steve Garfield, who was inducted last year into the International Academy of Web Television, drops in on Mass Merrier host Mike Ball to examine how politicians used online video during the midterm elections —and what to expect in the 2012 presidential race.

jamal-anderson2Jamal Anderson: The former NFL running back, who helped get the Atlanta Falcons to Super Bowl XXXIII—and who, a year, earlier set a league record by carrying the ball 410 times—chats with Women on the Move host Leslie Harris about the current gridiron season, and the helmet-to-helmet hits issue.