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BTR’s Female Field Guide Launched An App and Here’s How

Gyasmine George is the host of Female Field Guide, a women’s cheat sheet to sports, entertainment and relationships, which airs on BlogTalkRadio Sunday nights at 8PM PST. She recently unveiled her very own Android app for her show that has helped to boost her listener base. We thought it would be interesting for Gyasmine to share her experiences on BTR and advice for hosts looking to create a listening app for their own shows. We are pleased to introduce you to Gyasmine George.

How long have you been on BTR?
October 30, 2010 was my very first broadcast. Since then I’ve had almost 4,000 listeners!

What’s your angle at Female Field Guide?
Female Field Guide is unique because is it geared towards women who may be sports challenged and want to boost their sports IQ or women sports fans who desire to learn more. The show benefits single gals who may want to add to their stock of sports knowledge as they navigate through the dating scene, girlfriends or wives who desire a closer bond on with the men and sports fans in their lives, or the lady or man who has always wanted to learn more about sports, but just didn’t know where or how to gain the information.

Who would be a dream guest on your show?
I would say Lisa Leslie and Billie Jean King and as for male athletes, Michael Jordan and LeBron James.

Tell us about your Android app. What does it do?
With my app, you can listen to my Blogtalkradio shows live or whenever you want. You can pause, rewind and play back the podcasts. You can watch my interviews via my video feeds and get the latest’s news and updates via my Twitter and Facebook feeds. You can also interact with and share articles, videos, and podcasts via Twitter, Facebook or email all within the app.

Where did you get the idea for the app?
I interviewed Billy Carson, founder of SheCanPlay.org, a women’s basketball website and message board, for a special Father’s Day episode. In conversation with Mr. Carson, I found out he designed an Android and Iphone app for his daughter, April Carson, who is a highly ranked basketball player and gave it to her for her high school graduation.

Why did you decide to design one?
What I do with Female Field Guide is so unique, and since I am striving to blaze new trails, I thought why not an app?

How did you bring the app to life?
After my interview with Mr. Carson, I contacted him regarding advice about a Female Field Guide app and he replied “That’s what we do!” In addition to SheCanPlay.org, Mr. Carson heads up ZenForce Media, a non-profit company dedicated to expanding businesses and individual’s social media networking reach via apps. They were great and designed my app so quickly and efficiently!

Why do you think an app is a good idea for hosts?
I have spoken to so many of my friends and supporters and sometimes it’s difficult for them to get to a computer to listen live or even to the archived episodes. BUT, everyone I know has a cell phone! Since my app dropped on Tuesday, July 12th, my listener numbers have doubled!

Do you have plans for bringing your app to other smart phones?
Oh absolutely! The iPhone app will be dropping in about a week and we are working on a Blackberry version as well.

Do you have any advice for hosts that want to make an app or learnings you can provide from your experience?
My fellow hosts, the time is now! In the past, athletes, entertainers etc. were profiled in magazines, posters, trading cards, but today they are more often featured on blogs, Facebook pages and Twitter feeds. With technology such as Androids, iPhones and iPads making a big difference in everything from education to business, we can certainly expect to see more apps featuring players, entertainers and prominent figures in the future. Also, do your research! Send out emails, surveys and ask around to find out how your target audience wants to listen – whether if it’s straight from BTR, on apps or social networking sites. And lastly, be along for the ride! This last year has been amazing and I am so grateful for Blogtalkradio. Internet radio is the future of radio! If you have any questions or advice, email me at gyasmine@femalefieldguide.com.

We’d like to thank Gyasmine for such a great interview. Please tune into Female Field Guide and visit her app here.