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What Can You Accomplish Before Breakfast? | 04.19.13

What successful people do before breakfast

by Consider It in BUSINESS

Just like breakfast, mornings are crucial to success, but why are they better for practicing and starting new habits? Psychiatrist Dr. Michael Reznicek and Linda from Real Sisters Talk discuss the book What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast

Remembering the Oklahoma City Bombing: shocking details

by Truther Talk in FILM

Not to be missed: With the Boston attacks, and today’s anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing and the Waco massacre, hear award-winning filmmaker Chris Emery talk about A Noble Lie, a documentary investigating the second-largest act of terrorism in American history. 

HAPPINESS REVOLUTION: The Law of attraction made simple

by Lorane Gordon in SPIRITUALITY

An inspirational coach endorsed by Deepak ChopraLorane Gordon gives you the tools to manifest your life on purpose. Up till now, you may have created your life by accident!

SEO, QR CODES & other Digital Tactics to help your business

by Deborah Shane in TECHNOLOGY

Tech enthusiast, CEO and Web Developer Kimberly Reynolds of Social Media for Moms talks tech, SEO, QR codes and leading marketing and content creation strategies for businesses.

In honor of 4/20 (THat OTHER national holidaY): Does Cannabis cure cancer?

by Professionals Against Prohibition in POLITICS

This weekend marks that other national holiday, for ganja fans: 4/20. The big question, does Cannabis cure cancer? Learn about RSO and Cannabis extract medicine; who’s making it, what it does and who needs to be taking it.

BlogTalkRadio in the News

How MomBizCoach Grew a Successful Small Business on BlogTalkRadio

It was a pleasure to have BTR Host Lara Galloway, AKA MomBizCoach on BlogTalkRadio University this week.  Lara is a business coach to mom entrepreneurs and was recently named by Forbes as one of the top 30 women entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter (She has over 20K Twitter followers:).  In her interview she shares how she built her brand on BlogTalkRadio along with what she has learned from hosting her show since 2009.  This is a don’t miss episode if you are using BlogTalkRadio to help promote your business, brand, book or project!  Tune in here.

Why Is BlogTalkRadio Disruptive? Alan Levy Lays It Out in Forbes

If you’re still not convinced that BlogTalkRadio is the wave of the future, don’t take our word for it.

But do consider what our network’s CEO, Alan Levy, has to say on the matter – today in Forbes.com.

“There's no real competition,” says Alan (above).

“There's no real competition,” says Alan (above).

“We are creating a new medium that empowers people to create their own content . . . We believe this is a very compelling concept, and the growth of our company seems to bear that out,” Alan tells the biz bible, in an interview head- lined “Blogging On the Radio.”

“It would be very difficult for some- one to start a company that would compete against us. Our company is built on a phone network that we also own . . . This is a huge competitive advantage for us that would be hard for someone else to replicate,” he goes on to say, adding:

“There’s no way [terrestrial radio stations] can compete with us . . . Even if you assume the future of radio is in satellite radio . . . the very cost of satellite transmission is prohibitive.”

To read Alan’s full Forbes interview, click here.