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‘Midnight at the Oasis’ Singer Maria Muldaur, ‘Die Hard’ Star Robert Davi and Astrologist Susan Miller Today on BlogTalkRadio

maria-muldaurMaria Muldaur: The folk singer best known—and beloved—for her 1974 hit Midnight at the Oasis stops by Icon Fetch to chat with host Tony Peters about her latest CD Garden of Joy, a collection of jug-band tunes featuring old pals John Sebastian and Dave Grisman.

robert-daviRobert Davi: The actor who has graced such hit flicks as Die Hard and License to Kill drops in on Enlisted Spouse Radio host Beth Wilson to fill us in on his Jan. 15 Frank Sinatra tribute concert in Los Angeles—where he’ll be backed by a 50-piece orchestra.

kris-williamsKris Williams: The former flooring installer—who’s been tracing her family’s roots since she was 11—drops in on Film Festival Radio host Janice Malone to chat about the new season of Syfy’s Ghost Hunters, which gets under way tomorrow night, with a visit to Hamlet’s castle.

susan-millerSusan Miller: The Cosmo Girl astrologist—whose book Planets and Possibilities was praised by Liz Smith for its “truly human, feeling and acute intelligence”—drops in on Breaking Through host Georgiann Kiricoples to offer a celestial forecast for the New Year.

michael-badnarikMichael Badnarik: The author of Good to Be King: The Foundation of Our Constitutional Freedom—a software engineer who was the Libertarian Party nominee in the ’04 presidential race—chats with America 9-1-1 host Dan Baltes about the newly GOP-heavy Congress.

Lost John Denver Interview: ‘I fly my own plane. It does acrobatics and stuff. I really enjoy that’

In January of 1984, 13 years before the airplane he was piloting solo crashed off the coast of California, John Denver called flying “one of my favorite things.”

“She’s meant an awful lot to me in my life – and still means something to me,” John says of ex-wife Annie.

“She’s meant an awful lot to me in my life – and still means something to me,” John says of ex-wife Annie.

It’s a sad, eerie moment during a never-before- aired interview conduct- ed by BlogTalkRadio host Bob “Mr. Media” Andelman – then a writer for The St. Peters- burg Times – just prior to Super Bowl XVIII in Tampa, at which the beloved singer would perform.

Today, Jan. 21,  at 1 p.m. ET, as the first installment of his “Lost Tapes” series, Bob will unspool the 40-minute interview in its entirety on Mr. Media Interviews.

John’s sentiments about flying arose when asked by Bob, “When you’re not working [or] entertaining, what do you like to do to relax?”

“I enjoy flying a lot.  That’s one of my favorite things,” says John, who was 53 when his Long-EZ aircraft went down shortly after taking off from the Monterey Peninsula Airport on Oct. 12, 1997.

In the cockpit of his Learjet.

In the cockpit of his Learjet.

“I have over 2,000 hours and pilot-in-command of a Learjet. I fly my own plane. I have an open-cockpit biplane.  It does acrobatics and stuff.”

Among other topics, John also discusses his friendship with Frank Sinatra, working with George Burns on the 1977 comedy Oh, God!, and his relationship with his first wife, Annie Martell, the subject of his 1974 hit, Annie’s Song.

Of Annie, whom he had divorced two years earlier, John says:

“I love Annie. She’s a wonderful woman. . . Our relationship is on excellent footing. We had a family Christmas Eve, and it was as warm and wonderful as you could possibly imagine.”

He also credits her with being part of one of the greatest moments in his life:

John (left) backstage at his January 1984 concert in St. Petersburg, Fla. In the foreground is a much younger – and hairier – Bob “Mr. Media” Andelman.

John (left) backstage at his January 1984 concert in St. Petersburg, Fla. In the foreground is a much younger – and hairier – Bob Andelman.

“When Annie and I adopted Zachary, our son, the day that we went to pick him up from the adoption agency, in [Annie’s hometown of] Minneapolis, Minnesota, we were driving there, and they played Annie’s Song on the radio. And it was the number-one song in the country.

“Hearing that song on the way to pick up our first child, and having it be this love song that I’d written for her and having it be the most popular song in the country. . . that’s pretty hard to top.”

In future installments of the “Lost Tapes” series, BlogTalkRadio listeners will be treated to never-before-aired interviews – conducted between 1980 and 1985 – with noted entertainment figures like Gene Simmons, Jon Bon Jovi, Bo Diddley and adult-film director Russ Myers.

To hear John Denver’s interview, click here.