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Actor Tim Daly LIVE on BlogTalkRadio

Betty Jo Tucker continues to bring television and movie stars directly to your computer and phone with Movie Addict Headquarters on BlogTalkRadio.

Tim Daly Today at 4pm ET, she welcomes popular movie and television actor Tim Daly to the show. Daly will soon be awarded the 2008 Excellence in Acting Award at this year’s Vail Film Festival. Before that, though, he’ll be in the hot seat on Movie Addict Headquarters to talk LIVE with Betty Jo Tucker and you! They’ll be taking calls and talking about his extensive and impressive acting career.

Daly has taken on the screen from every angle. As an actor, he’s morphed his leading man image from frightening cult leader David Koresh in In The Line of Duty: Ambush at Waco to legendary astronaut Jim Lovell in HBO’s From the Earth to the Moon to struggling sports reporter in Paramount’s Against the Ropes to the voice of iconic superhero Superman in the animated series and animated feature.

Currently, he stars in the hit series Private Practice from the Golden Globe-winning creator of Grey’s Anatomy. Daly recently received an Emmy nomination in the “Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series” category for his memorable turn in The Sopranos. In addition, Daly recently starred in the critically acclaimed ABC/Warner Bros. Television series, The Nine.

Don’t miss this outstanding opportunity to talk to Tim Daly live.