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Blog Talk Radio Announces New Funding

by Alan Levy

As announced in today’s New York Times, we closed a $4.6m Series A financing round lead by Scott Sipprelle and The Kraft Group.

We launched BlogTalkRadio almost two years ago as an idea that we thought had some legs. As has been well-documented in the past, our theory was quite simple: Would bloggers, or in fact anyone, be interested in creating audio content using a phone? Would it be possible to create a new distribution platform and medium, where anyone with a phone and something to say could establish and build an audience? If this is such a good idea, why is no one else doing it? We had many more questions than answers.

Fast forward from the fall of 2006 and we have broadcast close to 100,000 shows. We have had Academy Award winners, Presidential candidates, best-selling authors and many other notables. We have thousands of active hosts talking about the things that interest them and their audience. Our content is listened to more than 3 million times a month and as new content is created and added to the long tail, the number of listeners continues to grow rapidly.

We work with major companies to create private radio stations which can reside on our site or off. So while our brand is building and the network is growing, we offer an opportunity for any company to create conversations around their products, beliefs and ideas.

We are so excited about the strategic investor group we have assembled. Each of our investors not only believes that this platform is truly unique and powerful, but can introduce us to so many potential commercial partners.

We simply couldn’t be more excited about how this company is evolving and now we have the capital in place to accomplish many things. We are planning major enhancements to our user interface and user experience. We will invest in content and distribution as well as further developing our ad sales platform. We are also looking at developing many new products including a highly differentiated video platform, audio to text transcription applications and much more.