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Funnyman Tom Arnold goes against type as a kidnapper – and child pornographer – in ‘Gardens of the Night’

Forget everything you know – and love – about Tom Arnold.

Because in his new flick, Gardens of the Night – which The New York Times calls “a harrowing . . . story of kidnapping and forced child prostitution that conjures a world entirely populated by predators and prey” – he plays the bad guy.gardens of the night

How bad?

After seeing the flick, which also stars John Malcovich, “recovery time is recommended,” says The Times.

Today at 1 p.m. ET on The Ask Mom RN Show, Tom (who recently went public about being molested as a child himself) chats with host Tamara Walker about why he chose this difficult role.

Plus, Tamara will have tips on protecting your children in real life.

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