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Overheard: The Morgan Twins’ On-Air Rap + ‘Voice’ Tales | 05.08.13

‘The voice’ tell-all with the Morgan twins

by Monkey Radio in TELEVISION

38 minutes into the episode, The Morgan Twins (Rhian and Cara), fresh off their appearance on NBC’s The Voice, share show stories, recount their teen American Idol appearance and even rap on air!

NEVER-BEFORE-TOLD WWII stories: Author of upcoming clooney adaptation & More

by The Halli Casser-Jayne Show in BOOKS

Featured WWII stories include Denise Kiernan’s never-before-told tale of women’s role in The Girls of the Atomic City, as well as Robert Edsel‘s Saving Italy: The Race to Rescue a Nation’s Treasures from the Nazis, the companion volume to the upcoming George Clooney film The Monuments Men.

Hatfields & Mccoys Artifacts unearthed by ‘Diggers’

by World Footprints in HISTORY

Explore artifacts from America’s greatest family rivalry. The home of Randall McCoy has been unearthed by National Geographic’s Diggers Tim “Ringmaster” Saylor and “King” George Wyatt.

Boxing legend bernard hopkins: mayweather vs. Guerrero

by Bottom Line Sports in SPORTS

After recapping the latest NBA playoff action, boxing legend Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins joins in to discuss the main event this past weekend, when Floyd Mayweather Jr. defended his title in a unanimous 12-round decision over Robert Guerrero.

God’s power: WElcome home, 3 missing cleveland women

by behind the wall in CHRISTIANITY

A Christian take on the 3 women held captive by a school bus driver 2 miles from their homes in Cleveland. Celebrate God’s power, which guided Amanda BerryGeorgina Dejesus and Michelle Knight home after all these years.

George Clooney’s Journo Dad Down on MSNBC and Fox News Channel

Nick Clooney is no fan of cable news – from either end of the political spectrum.


“Any information source that comes to you with a point of view cannot be news,” Nick (above) tells us.

The one-time local-market anchorman, who’s better known these days as George Clooney’s dad, believes that bottom-rated MSNBC and top- rated Fox News Channel are breeding a nation of nefarious citizens.

“MSNBC in its primetime is not news. Fox, generally speaking – in its entire 24-hour cycle – is not news,” he tells Politico host Patick Gavin.

“Those who watch only MSNBC in its primetime, or only Fox, will only be feeding their own biases. They don’t want to hear anything that contradicts their own world view,” adds Nick, who in 2004 made an unsuccessful bid for the U.S. House of Representatives.

“And that’s problematic, because if everybody has boutique news, then we have…300 million ignorant people. That’s too bad, because ignorant people do bad things.”

Nick also chats about his superstar son.

 CAPTION: With son George (right) at the Newseum in Washington in January.

Good news? Good luck! With son George at the Newseum in Washington in January.

“What are the chances that we might get the Clooneys to perm- anently settle down in D.C.?” asks Patrick.

“That’s very nice of you to say, but George is too much of a stormy petrol. He’s going to be all over the map. He’s going to be everywhere, trying to do what he can with regard to Darfur.

“In my case, I’m old and I’m a Kentuckian so you’ll find me never too far from my bourbon.”

To hear Nick’s full interview, click here.

‘He’s Schtupping Everybody,’ George Clooney Says About His New Character!

With a face, body, career and bank account like George Clooney’s, it’s no wonder his latest alter ego is having the time of his life in the sack.

During a virtual press junket attended by BlogTalkRadio’s Shaun Daily, George chatted about Harry Pfarrer, the character he plays in the new Coen Brothers’ flick, Burn After Reading.

Burning up the boudior.

Clooney: Burning up the boudior.

“The thing that disturbed me most about this film is that… he’s schtupping everybody in the movie. And he’s sort of this sad, moronic character,” said George.

“[Directors Joel and Ethan Coen] called me up and told me they wrote the part for me – which worried me a lot.  But, I grew the beard and go to work.”

Opening tomorrow, Burn After Reading also stars Brad Pitt, Frances McDormand and John Malkovich.

To hear more from George, click here

Show Descriptions: Tips for Bringing in the Masses

Monday’s blog post about using descriptive paragraphs to bring in listeners was well received. Folks even sent quite a few emails and several comments asking me to expand on the descriptive paragraph topic and give tips and examples. Before I do, let’s talk a little about Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

SEO is the art of using popular phrases and keywords to bring in traffic. As a professional blogger, I hate keywords and phrases. I find many of them to be unnatural. As a radio show host, you want to use as many of them as possible in your show description. Let’s say you’re interviewing George Clooney. Lots of people search for information about George Clooney every day, he is your keyword. If you can name him two or three times in your paragraph without it sounding too silly, by all means do so. But once is still good.

In fact if you want to look for what people are searching for, and create shows around those popular topics, you can do so by using Yahoo Buzz, Google Trends and even keyword tools such as Overture.

But I digress…

If you’re interviewing George Clooney for your show mentioning his name will be good enough to bring in many listeners, but don’t stop there. Why are you interviewing George Clooney? Is he promoting a film or charity project? Will he be discussing a political event or  giving his point of view? You’ll certainly want to put this information in your description as well. Now you won’t be just drawing in Clooney fans you’ll be piquing the interest of movie buffs, charity supporters or those with an interest in politics.

“George Clooney will be a guest on the Deborah Ng show this evening where he will discuss why he supports Barack Obama in the upcoming Presidential election. Listeners are invited to call in or chat.”

Already you have three important key phrases: “George Clooney”, “Barack Obama” and “presidential election.”  Also notice I mentioned how listeners can call in and chat? That makes it even more interesting. Lots of people want to ask questions of George Clooney, all the more reason to come by. Now potential listeners know they can look forward to hearing George Clooney answer questions from real people.

Ok, so you don’t have a famous special guest. That doesn’t mean your show isn’t interesting. There are still ways to hype your segment and get people to come in and listen.

“D.J. Deb plays the best music from the hairbands of the 70’s and 80’s. Tune in to hear some blasts from the past from Poison, Motley Crue, Judas Priest and more. Have a special request? Send it in early to DJDeb@notarealemailaddress.com and I’ll get it on the air for you.”

The above paragraph tells you the host isn’t just playing music. She’s playing a specific type of music. By including names of some of the bands on the playlist she’s appealing to fans of this genre and those artists. Plus people searching for these bands might come across this link and stop to listen. It appeals even more to listeners as now they can even request a favorite song – who doesn’t like to hear his name called out on the air?

I was asked if there’s a particular word count. There isn’t. You don’t want to make the description too wordy nor do you want it to be so vague it doesn’t tell the reader anything. A paragraph or two is fine as long as you mention any special guests, the show’s topic, and if anything special is happening. Will you be taking calls? Will there be a chat? Are you going to sing? Include it all in there. Give people a reason to stop by. What would make you want to come by and listen?

Would you like help with your show description? Drop me a line at deborahng@blogtalkradio.com and we’ll work on a solution together.

Kimberly Potts on George Clooney: The Last Great Movie Star

Listen in, win the book! Kimberly Potts, author of “George Clooney: The Last Great Movie Star” joins host Betty Jo Tucker today.

Clooney Potts joins Movie Addict Headquarters today to discuss her biography of George Clooney at 4pm ET. Plus, as an added bonus, Betty Jo will be giving five copies of the book away to lucky listeners. Topics to be covered during Potts’ interview include: the reasons she picked Clooney to write about; how involved the actor was in her book; her biggest surprises about Clooney; and the greatest challenges she faced while writing this biography.

Potts, a New York-based entertainment/pop culture writer, also wrote “Everything I Need To Know I Learned from a Chick Flick” as well as articles for TV Guide, US Weekly and Variety.