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BlogTalkRadio’s Own Robin Walker Scores Second Media Coup This Month

Last we talked about Robin Walker she’d been quoted in a Wall Street Journal feature on spring trends in mens’ fashion.

Now – a mere three weeks later –she makes another appearance in the national media.

“Always follow the care label and don’t beat your clothes up in the dryer,” Robin (above) tells Black Enterprise.

“Don’t beat your clothes up in the dryer,” Robin (above) tells BE.

This time, it’s Black Enterprise that cites the personal-image consultant and custom tailor who, last but not least, hosts BlogTalkRadio’s Tailored Edges.

“Adding a splash of color is . . . an inexpensive way to get the most wear for your money,” writes BE’s Janell Hazelwood in the story, titled “Get the CEO Look Without a CEO’s Budget,” before quoting Robin as saying:

“Color is the quickest way to update season to season. The best place to put your money would be in accessories such as ties, socks, or pocket squares for men, and for women, purses and scarves.”

“Or you can modify clothing you already have,” adds Janell, again quoting Robin, who says:

“Change the buttons if you have to. It’s still less expensive than buying all new clothes. If you do this, your shopping list won’t be as overwhelming.”be-cover-march-2009

Meanwhile, Robin tells us that her plan for “world domination by 2020” is working.

What she means, of course, is domination of the fashion in- dustry.

(Then again, knowing Robin, we wouldn’t put actual world domin- ation beyond her.)

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