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Host Tip of the Week: Helpful BlogTalkRadio Resources


BlogTalkRadio is one of a kind! And usually a new concept to embrace for any of our new users. With that, we know that all of our hosts, seasoned and new, are bound to have questions, and for those, we have answers.

Below are some helpful links that really layout BlogTalkRadio and what we are about.

What is BlogTalkRadio?

Does it cost anything?
Here you will find all of the packages that we offer. BlogTalkRadio offers a wide range of hosting services, whether you are doing this just for fun and want to go with a free package, or if you are wanting more as a premium, premium plus, or branded client.

Can I earn money doing this?
You sure can, and this is an overview of how.

How do I get started as a host?
Once you registered as a host on BlogTalkRadio, we have a quick and easy “Getting Started” guide to help you.

Where can I learn more?

Our unique and interactive learning center offers you an amazing variety of tutorials to help answer your questions and get you started.

I have read your FAQs and watched your tutorials and I still have questions. Can anyone help me?
Indeed we will be happy. Just contact us.

Want to join our online virtual training show?
On our 101 show we will show you the ropes. After Christie walks you through how to schedule and host your own show, the lines open up for callers with questions.

What are your rules?
These are the rules and regulations you agree to while using our site.

Does BlogTalkRadio have a Forum?
Yes! Join us here to net work with other hosts and market your shows.

Does BlogTalkRadio have a Facebook page?
We have two. Here and Here

Does BlogTalkRadio have a Twitter?
Yes, our Twitter page is here

Still have questions? We are always here.