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Is This Week’s ‘Mix’ for Real?

Indeed it is.

Or maybe not.

You never know with reality TV.

Still, it’s entertaining as all get-out—which is why we’re devoting tonight’s entire edition of The Daily Mix to this ever-popular genre.

So be sure to tune into our must-hear show for the answers to such all-important questions as:


"People have been coming up the Mississippi River on flatboats to see me. I can't leave the house!" says Renny of her "Big Brother" fame.

—What former Baywatch babe Traci Bingham said she was planning to wear to Hugh Hefner’s Halloween party?

—Why ABC put the kibosh on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition builder Rick Merlini’s plan to demolish a house by dropping its tenants’ van through the roof.

—How Big Brother 10 contestant Renny Martyn, a fifty-something beauty parlor owner, managed to beat out 4,000 would-be contestants on the top-rated CBS show by not letting the producers touch an 8×10 glossy of her taken 30 years ago.

—Which working-class Ohioan who was just this month thrust into the national spotlight does Gimme My Reality Show contestant Kato Kaelin think has already spent his 15 minutes of fame.

—Why Canadian comic and undisputed YouTube king Jon Lajoie has no plans to help up-and-comic funnymen after he hits the big time.

So don’t miss The Mix, hosted by everyone’s favorite pod jockey, Shaun Daily, tonight—and every Monday—at 9 p.m. ET!

To tune in, click here.

FOX Wants You – to Give a Celeb His Own Reality Show! (And Kato Kaelin Wants to See ‘Joe the Plumber’ Fix a Toilet)

Before stepping into the polling booth next week to vote for John McCain or Barack Obama, don’t forget that Cindy Brady is on the ballot, too.


Traci: Looking for America's next top sex symbol.

Also Danny Partridge’s ex-wife.

The Gimme My Reality Show ballot, that is.

In case you haven’t heard, that’s the Fox Reality Channel show that’s giving seven celebrities – including Susan Olsen and Gretchen Bonaduce – a chance to win their own reality series.

Fully aware that the most rabid reality-TV fans can be found on BlogTalkRadio, two of the competing stars dropped in on us this week to make their pitches.

First up was former Baywatch babe Traci Bingham, who told Sin City Sessions host MarQ:

“My show’s called American Sex Symbol. We’re looking for the iconic sex symbol – all shapes, all sizes, all races, all ages.  We’re looking for the new Pamela Anderson, the new Carmen Electra, the new Hallie Berry, the new Farrah Fawcett. These women are beautiful, they’re iconic.  But it’s time for someone new.

“People mostly know me from Baywatch. And the ride I had from that is pretty exciting. I didn’t set out to be a sex symbol.  I was just made to be one in Hollywood.  And it was a pretty interesting ride and I’d like to give another woman the opportunity to live that dream.”

Then came former O.J. Simpson tenant Kato Kaelin, who told Dr. Blogstein’s Radio Happy Hour host Dr. B:


Kato: Wants to thrust faded flashes in the pan back into the spotlight.

“I thought of my idea quite a few years ago. People kept saying, Kato, you’re in your 15 minutes, enjoy it. But they’ve been saying it now for 13 years.  So I said, You know what? I’m actually in my 16th minute. So I wrote a show called The 16th Minute, where I’m giving people who have had 15 minute of fame an extra minute of fame.

“Right now, everybody is hearing about ‘Joe the Plumber.’ [So] I’d show why is Joe famous . . . and then go to his hometown, invite his neighbors into his house and during the interview at some point he’ll get a page that there’s a backed-up toilet at a kiddy party.”

To hear Traci’s interview, click here.

To hear Kato’s interview, click here.

To cast your vote for one of the Gimme My Reality Show contestants, click here.  The winner, as you may have surmised, will be announced on Election Day, November 4.