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Celebrity Autobiographer Andrew Morton on The Alan Levy Show

Dawn Olsen of GlossLip Radio and BlogTalkRadio CEO Alan Levy welcome Andrew Morton to BlogTalkRadio today.

morton-cruisex Andrew Morton is one of the world’s best-known biographers and a leading authority on modern celebrity. He’ll be discussing his latest book, “Tom Cruise, an Unauthorized Biography” on The Alan Levy Show today at 4pm ET.

USAToday wrote: “After best-selling biographies of Princess Diana (secretly authorized by Diana), Monica Lewinsky (officially authorized) and Madonna (unauthorized), why did Andrew Morton take on Tom Cruise, the most litigious of Hollywood stars? ‘He’s the quintessential global celebrity,’ Morton says”

Find out more today!

Ian Halperin dishes on the Glosslip from Hollywood

halperin.jpgSunday nights have never been so steamy on BlogTalkRadio.

New York Times bestselling author Ian Halperin joins the gals of Glosslip Radio at 10pm ET. On the show, Ian will discuss his latest page-turner, Hollywood Undercover: Revealing the Sordid Secrets of Tinseltown.

As an investigative journalist, Halperin went undercover to explore the grit below the surface glamor of the celebrities and stars. Along the way, he encountered people and institutions that were darker than he had imagined.

Don’t miss this insider’s take on the current state of Hollywood.