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‘Hannah Montana’ Castmember Cody Linley Talks Miley Cyrus’ Bong Hits, and Pittsburgh Steeler Ike Taylor Today on BlogTalkRadio

cody-linley6Cody Linley: Hannah Montana‘s Jake Ryan opens up about former co-star Miley Cyrus—and the pop tart’s recent bong scandal: “I talk to her every now and then. And I’ll shoot her a text just to say ‘Hey, what’s up?’ And when crazy things happen, I just tell her ‘Hey, I’m here for you. I’m supporting you,'” Cody tells TD Radio hosts Lachelle Story, Aeshia Branch and Keeland Ellis. “I think it’s a transition time for Miley, and transition is not always easy. People don’t like change right away. They wanna see the same old thing over and over again. They like routine. But you know what? She’s growing up. She’s 18 years old. She’s a woman so she can make adult decisions.”

iketaylor-1c1Ike Taylor: The Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback, who helped his team snag rings in 2006 against the Seahawks and in 2009 against the Cardinals, drops in on the Bottom Line Sports Show to chat with hosts Gerald Brown and Jonathan Foy about the road to this year’s Super Bowl. Plus: Plus: Ike’s teammate William Gay.

charles-shaughnessy71Charles Shaughnessy: The Nanny star gives us an exclusive. “I may be doing My Fair Lady at the North Shore Music Theatre in Boston this summer,” he tells OutTakes host Laurie Baker. “It looks like it might happen. And that’s a scoop. This is the first time anyone’s heard about it.”

brucecameronW. Bruce Cameron: The author of 8 Simple Rules for Dating my Teenage Daughter—which became a hit ABC sitcom starring the late John Ritter—drops in on host Nancy T. Ferrari to discuss his latest book, A Dog’s Purpose, and to give us the latest on his DreamWorks movie deal.

reality-steve41“Reality Steve” Carbone: The blogger infamous for posting The Bachelor spoilers drops in on host Olivia Wilder to dish about Brad Womak, the star of Season 11 of the hit ABC series, who failed to pick a mate in 2007, and has now returned to (hopefully) do just that.

bob-levy11Bob Levy: The deliciously naughty comic known ironically as “The Reverend”—who’s a favorite Howard Stern guest—joins hosts Cory Andrews and Dave Fiorillo for the inaugural edition of Backstage Comedy Live. Plus: Fellow funnyman Craig Gass of Opie & Anthony Show fame.

‘Green Hornet’ Star Seth Rogen and Teen Idol Cody Linley Today on BlogTalkRadio

seth-rogen3Seth Rogen: The superstar funnyman weighs in on slimming down for the title role in his big-screen remake of The Green Hornet, opening tomorrow. “There’s really nothing good about it, to be honest. I bought a bunch of clothes that I barely fit into anymore,” he tells Milling About host Robin Milling. “People ask me a lot about losing the weight—which sucks. I don’t recommend it for everyone. Stay fat, people. That’s my motto!”

james-frain5James Frain: The actor whose character on NBC’s The Cape is named Chess reveals ironic weakness. “I’m a terrible chess player!” he tells Film Festival Radio host Janice Malone. “I was wondering if they were going to have me play chess in the show, but it’s not very cinematic. I can do the first few moves in a chess game, but then I get very impatient… I think my character in the show is called Chess because he’s such a manipulative, strategic kind of guy. He moves people around like pieces on a chess board.”

cody-linleyCody Linley: The hottie who played Jake Ryan on Hannah Montana, while also competing on Season 8 of Dancing with the Stars, stops by TD Radio to fill us in on his latest musical project—a duet with pop singer Lana, titled Receipt.

hillary-smithHillary B. Smith: The actress who began her soap career on As the World Turns before going on to play Nora Hanen on One Life to Live drops in to chat with host Silas Kain about her newest role, as Ellie in the upcoming web series Fumbling thru the Pieces.

Savannah Outen: I’m Madly in Love with Hannah Montana’s Would-be Squeeze

Not only does Miley Cyrus serve as Savannah Outen‘s role model, but the budding pop princess has her eye on the superstar poptart’s TV beau!

Interviewed on WZAP Radio, Savannah – though unattached at the moment – dishes about what she desires in a guy.

"That just made my life. I was like, she knows who I am!" Savannah (above) tells us of Miley's Radio Disney acknowledgment.

"That just made my life. I was like, She knows who I am!" Savannah (above) says of Miley's Radio Disney nod.

“I am single with a capital ‘S.’ It’s so much better to be single. When you have a boyfriend, it’s so much drama,” the 16-year-old songbird, whose YouTube channel boasts 4.2 million views, tells host Zachary Sang.

“But I really like guys who Continue reading

‘Mad Men’ Star Alison Brie: I Challenge Heidi Montag to a Mud-Wrestling Contest

Alison Brie may bear the name of a French cheese, but you won’t catch her cowering from a fight.

In fact, she’s picking one.


"Yea, it's on!" Alison (above) tells us of her Heidi smack-down.

Interviewed on WZAP Radio, the actress who plays Trudy Campbell on the AMC series Mad Men – and stars opposite Chevy Chase in the upcoming NBC sitcom Community – says she’s got The Hills star Heidi Montag in her sights.

When the subject of Heidi and her hubby, fellow Hills star Spencer Pratt, comes up, Alison tells host Zachary Sang:

“Don’t get me started. The only thing I would say about them is, Who cares? Why are they even famous?

“They need to get out of here. I’m over them. I was never into them. So I’m well over them,” she chuckles.

Later she adds, “I’ll unleash the fury on Heidi and Spencer. As we speak, I’m developing this rivalry. A few minutes ago, I didn’t even know them. Now I’m like, Yea it’s on!”

 CAPTION: Heidi: To our 'Mad' gal, her name is mud.

Heidi: To our 'Mad' gal, her name is mud.

Then comes her (mock?) call to arms.

“I’m going to challenge Heidi to a mud-wrestling contest,” she says.

This isn’t the first time Alison – who has also appeared on Hannah Montana – has linked herself to a bolder-face name.

In February, she defended that show’s star, Miley Cyrus, after the pop tart was snapped in a pic making slanted “Chinese” eyes.

“I think people are too hard on kids in the entertainment industry,” she told Usmagazine.com in the wake of the controversy.

“If your average Joe was put under a microscope and scrutinized the way Miley Cyrus is, they’d be doing a lot worse… Everybody makes mistakes.”

To hear Alison’s full interview, click here.

BlogTalkRadio: Listen With Your Teens and Tweens

Taylor Lautner caused quite a frenzy when he visited BlogTalkRAdio

Taylor Lautner caused quite a frenzy when he visited BlogTalkRAdio

Most of us have our favorite grown up BlogTalkRadio shows to listen to, but did you know your teens and tweens may be interested in some of our programming as well? Here are some shows you can all listen to together:

  • Homeschool.com had an interview with Denise Jonas, mother of the Jonas Brothers who discussed what it’s been like raising her famous sons.
  • Jonas Brothers c0-star Nicole Gale Anderson stopped in to talk with Zach at WZAP about the show and working with the trio of heart throbs.
  • Katie and Karleigh Santry of JonasBrothersFan.com were also guests on WZAP Radio.
  • It was a major event when Taylor Lautner stopped by Stardish Radio to talk Twilight!
  • Zac from WZAP doesn’t only feature guests having to do with the Jonas Brothers. He also had Hannah Montana’s Jason Earles drop by.

Instead of turning on the tube tonight – why not listen to BlogTalkRadio with your teen or tween? You may find yourself deep in conversation afterwards!

Miley Cyrus’ BFF Mandy Jiroux: Our Age Difference Is NOT an Issue (but I AM a Better Burper Than She Is)


"It's not a big age difference," Mandy (above) tells us of her 4-plus-year spread with Miley.

Mandy Jiroux may be on the verge of turning 22, but that’s not too old to be hanging out with 16- year-old Miley Cyrus.

Interviewed on BlogTalkRadio, Mandy dismisses chatter that the four-and-a-half-year age differ- ence between she and Miley makes her a poor role model for the Hannah Montana star – or otherwise impacts their BFF-ship.

“That’s been said for like a year now, since we’ve been really good friends, and it’s not [an issue]. Age is nothing but a number, and as long as you have stuff in comm- on with that friend, I don’t think it really makes a difference,” Mandy – who has been co-starring with Miley in the YouTube hit The Mandy and Miley Show since February 2008 – tells host Zachary Sang.

“Miley’s really mature for her age and we have a lot in common and we care about each other. So that’s all that really matters.”


"She just needed a friend to talk about it with," Mandy says of helping Miley through her painful split with Nick (above).

And when Zach asks Mandy, “Would you say you’re a really good role model for Miley?” she simply replies, “Yes.”

As for differentiating factors, Mandy – who first met Miley while touring with her as a dancer on Miley’s Best of Both Worlds concert tour – is quick to point out that she’s got the poptart beat when it comes to at least one bodily function.

Jason Earles [who plays Miley’s older brother, Jackson, on Hannah Montana] came on the show. He said that Miley farts on-set and they play farting and burping games. Is there truth to this? Does she fart and burp?” asks Zach.

“Yea – but so does everybody. But I must say, I’m definitely a better burper than she is. I can burp on cue,” says Mandy – before letting one rip.

Mandy also discusses how Miley’s breakup with Nick Jonas brought her and the Disney superstar together.


With Miley (left) on their hit YouTube show, which has racked up nearly 18 million views.

“[It wasn’t] until the last Best of Both Worlds tour when we started becoming really close. She was going through a rough breakup [with Nick]. And I was going through a difficult time with a friend.  So we just kind of like found one another and just became best friends,” she says.

“I helped her through a breakup, she helped me with the rough time,” adds Mandy.

“Any girl out there knows that when you go through a serious breakup with a boyfriend, it’s just hurtful. So, you know, you just have to be there for her in every way.”


One of the pals' controversial MySpace pics (Mandy left; Miley right), leaked in March 2008.

During the hour- long interview, Mandy also:

-Weighs in on Miley’s new beau, singer-model Justin Gaston, telling Zach, “He lives with my brother now.”

-Reveals that her pop group, The Beach Girl5, are on the verge of an- nouncing a new TV show.

-Recalls how she and Miley got the inspiration for The Miley and Mandy Show.

To hear Mandy’s full April 14, 2009 WZAP Radio interview, click here.

To read about Zach’s recent interview with Jason Earles, click here.

To check out The Mandy and Miley Show, click here.

To check out Mandy’s MySpace page, click here.

It’s a Bittersweet Edition of ‘The Mix’

And what exactly do we mean by “bittersweet”?

As much pleasure as it would give us to tell you, we can’t.

John in 2008 – pre-cropping.

John in 2008 – pre-cropping.

Because, well, we’re not ex- actly sure ourselves.

But by the time the show rolls around, we promise we’ll have it (as the British say) sussed.

Until then, what we can tell you is, tonight’s show answers such all-important questions as:

—Why America’s favorite mom, Florence Henderson, is more than willing to “do raunchy stuff.”

—Which iconic edifice Tucker Carlson thinks should be re- named “The Staples House.”

—How Tonight show announc- er  John Melendez (above) got to look like Howie Mandel and Dr. Phil.

—What former New Jersey governor Jim McGreevey was doing at a Hannah Montana concert (or so he says).

John, with boss Jay Leon (middle) and colleague Kevin Eubanks post-bet loss.

John, with boss Jay Leno (middle) and colleague Kevin Eubanks, post-bet loss.

—Why Glam God winner Indashio, not wanting to name-drop, re- fuses to talk about the celeb- rities he has styled – though moments later tells us he has styled Lil’ Kim, Kim Kardashian, Tyra Banks, Kathy Lee Gifford and other lovely ladies.

So don’t miss The Mix, hosted by everyone’s favorite pod jockey, Shaun Daily, tonight – and every Monday – at 9 p.m. ET!

Backstage Security to Jim McGreevey: No Hannah Montana for You!

Did former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey try to bribe his way backstage at a Hannah Montana concert?

Yes, says WZAP Radio host Zachary Sang, who happened upon the disgraced pol at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J., last year – and whose tale is recounted in the New York Post‘s Page Six gossip column today.

“I was at a Hannah Montana concert and he was trying to bribe the security guard to let him get [backstage],” the 15-year-old student at Wayne Valley High School in nearby Wayne, N.J. – tells Dr. Blogstein’s Radio Happy Hour host Dr. Blogstein on this week’s edition of the show.

“I am a Miley Cyrus fan! Jim (right) with Zach at the Hannah gig in 2008.

I am a Miley Cyrus fan! Jim (right) with Zach at the Hannah gig in 2008.

“They wouldn’t let him in, though – they didn’t,” continues Zach. “I carry my tape recorder with me everywhere I go where I think people are going to be around.  So when he was done talking to the security guard by the door, I kind of inched my way in, put my record- er in his face and started asking him questions.

“I asked him why he was at a Hannah Montana concert and he just said that his daughter was there somewhere. But I didn’t see his daughter around anywhere,” adds Zach, an aspiring journalist who documented the interview on tape and later wrote about it in his school newspaper.

Jim, whose 2006 memoir, The Confession, chronicles the rise and falls of his political career, resigned from office in 2004 after admitting he had “engaged in an adult consensual affair with another man.”

To hear more from Zach on McGreevey’s Hannah Montana snub, click here.

To read the Page Six item, click here.