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Why New Years resolutions fail us!

How many of you have had a new years resolution that never came true?  Don’t let the fact that you’re not alone comfort you.  Blogtalkradio’s Fitness Director, Peter K, explores why resolutions fail and how to make sure you succeed in the new year.  tune into  The Peter K Show  to find out how to make your goals for this new year actually come true.   Learn what the most successful people do to make their dreams a reality and never have to resort to resolutions again.  Whether you want to look and feel better, be a better parent, succeed at work or just be happier, there are simple strategies to follow that will guarantee you will get what you want.  Like defining a compelling picture in your mind, called a vision, that identifies exactly what you want and how it will look.  Use the power of your mind to work for you instead of against you.  So get ready to shelve your resolutions and start living your dreams.  Listen now to The Peter K Show!