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Weekly Best: Friday October 18, 2010


Lady Charmaine Live host Charmaine Bassett gets up close and personal with CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien, who’ll fill us in the latest in her “Black In America” documentary series, “Almighty Debt,” which premieres tonight at 9pm ET.

Tom Bosley has passed away at age 83. In March of this year, the beloved actor, best know for his role as Howard Cunningham on ABC’s Happy Days, chatted with Stardish Radio host Jo Ann Kubasek for a full hour about his career— and starting out in showbiz with Paul Newman, whom he told in 1948, “I don’t know if you can act, but you’re gonna be the biggest star that Hollywood ever had.” Listen now to Tom Bosley’s final interview.

Expand Music host—and electric violinist—Noel Webb grooves Carlos Santana, who recalls his earliest artistic inspiration. “When I saw BB King for the first time—live—I knew I would be that,” he says. “I wanted to combine BB King with Tito Puente.

Jesse Ventura, host of truTV’s Conspiracy Theory, recalls his days a bodyguard for the Rolling Stones, telling us about the time Keith Richards flushed his drugs down the toilet upon being told the police were coming—only to see Sting and Stewart Copeland moments later he tell hostess Robin Milling.

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Sunday, Sunday Happy Days!

Though she’ll soon be just two years shy of 50, Eric Moran will always be little Joanie Cunningham in our eyes.

And, happily, the former Happy Days star couldn’t be more gracious about sharing her memories from her days on that classic sitcom with BlogTalkRadio.

Then 'n' now.

Erin Moran: Then 'n' now.

Tonight on Sundays Sauce Pot at 7 p.m. ET host Marty the Paisan chats with Erin for a full hour.

In addition to dishing about fellow castmembers Ron Howard, Henry Winkler and Marion Ross, Erin will preview her upcoming feature flicks. But just because she has graduated to the silver screen, don’t expect her to forget her TV roots.

Case in point: In next year’s Code Enforcer, in which she plays a private detective, Erin costars opposite Eddie Mekka – who, of course played Carmine Ragusa on Happy Days spinoff Laverne & Shirley, while also popping up on Happy Days itself.

So don’t miss this bitchin’ show.  It’ll have you rockin’ and rollin’ all week long!