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The Bottom Line on ‘The Bottom Line’? The Most Memorable Damn Sports Talk Period

For anyone who has yet to sample The Bottom Line Sports Show, here’s an anecdote that’s indicative of just how entertainingand unexpectedit can be: Five months ago, while retired NBA great Penny Hardaway was on announcing his intention to try and rejoin the Miami Heat to play side by side with newly-signed superstar LeBron James, Larry Fitzgerald dropped in to join the conversation. But before he got talking football, the NFL superstar revealed why he was calling from a friend’s cell. “My phone fell in the lake today,” he told host Gerald Brown. “My home boy pushed me in the water with my shorts on and my phone was in my pocket!” On that note, we now take you live to Teaneck, N.J., where Gerald (an athletic director at the Boys Club of New York by day) and his co-hostsJonathan Foy, Donahue Baker and Howard Cowartbroadcast from their proudly proclaimed “Mancave”…soundbits-wordpress11Give us a 15-second pitch for your showwhy should listeners tune in?

Many of the tops stars from the world of sports and entertainment regularly appear as guests. Plus, the show is executive produced by former NBA stars Charles Oakley and Penny Hardawaywho are never shy about voicing their opinions. And for our female listeners we’ve got actress Cherie Johnson of Punky Brewster and Family Matters fame, who does a regular segment called “What’s Cherie’s Commentary?” In short, The Bottom Line Sports Show is a heaping portion of sports talk with a double shot of humor.

CAPTION: "The Bottom Line" team (l-r): Donahue Baker, Howard Cowart, NFL great Keyshawn Johnson and Gerald Brown.

"The Bottom Line" team (l-r): Donahue Baker, Howard Cowart, NFL great Keyshawn Johnson and Gerald Brown at Super Bowl XLIV.

Tell us two things listeners would be surprised to learn about you?

I’m a huge Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan, and I love producing a BlogTalkRadio show that offers sports fans from coast to coast the kind of programming they won’t get anywhere else.

Who’s your broadcasting hero?

Can I pick two? Continue reading

Penny Hardaway Back to Miami Heat—to Play with LeBron? Hell Yea! He Tells Us: ‘I’m still damn good at what I do’

Penny Hardaway wants to make one thing perfectly clear: He’s ready, willing and able to return to the NBA—and is jonesing to play side-by-side with LeBron James.

During his monthly “Penny for Your Thoughts” segment on The Bottom Line Sports Show, the all-star BlogTalkRadio contributor announced he’s throwing his hat in the ring for a place on the Miami Heat, where, in 2007, he played his final NBA season before retiring with knee injuries.

CAPTION: "I love basketball and I didn't get a chance to finish my career the way I wanted," Penny (above) said.

"I love basketball and I didn't get a chance to finish my career the way I wanted," Penny (above) said.

“Mentally I was retired and physically I was retired. I was playing recreational ball,” the shooting and point guard—who began his career with the Orlando Magic, before joining the Phoenix Suns and New York Kicks—told host Gerald Brown.

“But when the decision happened with Chris Bosh and LeBron, I felt like I could really be good in that system,” Penny added, referring to LeBron’s recent move from the Cleveland Cavs to the Heat.

Upon hearing LeBron’s Big Decision last week, Penny sent text messages to Heat coach Erik Spoelstra and former teammate Alonzo Mourning expressing his interest in competing for a Continue reading

Shaq’s Mom: ‘I Can Shoot Free-Throws Better than Shaquille’

If being razzed by countless hoops fans about his abysmal free-throw abilities isn’t bad enough, now Shaquille O’Neal has to contend with his mama’s quips!

This week on BlogTalkRadio’s Bottom Line Sports Show, Lucille O’Neal, who recently took over as president of the Mothers of Professional Basketball Players, chats about the association’s upcoming charitably events.

CAPTION: Lucille: She got game.

Lucille: She got game.

In August, she’ll take to the boards in Las Vegas with other NBA moms to raise money for the Center for Academic Enrichment and Outreach.

“We’re going to have a basketball game. Imagine that now,” she tells host Gerald Brown – before scoring with this zinger:

“I’m puttin’ on my jersey. I can shoot free-throws better than Shaquille.”

(The Phoenix Suns center is of course one of the worst free-throw shooters in the NBA, with a lifetime average of 53 percent. Armed with this knowledge, opposing players often foul him on purpose, figuring it’s better to have him tossing buckets from the line than bulldozing past them – and slam-dunking.)

Lucille also discusses her September 17–18 golf tournament in Orlando, Fla.

Shaq: Not so much (least not with the freebies).

Shaq: Not so much (least not with the freebies).

We’re calling this event ‘Shaq’s Mama Said Knock You Out: Presenting a Souful Midday Soiree.’

“Do you remember – I’m gonna say back in the day – after work, instead of going home from work, you went to an after-hours club and you relaxed, maybe played cards or had a drink or trash talked or whatever?

“We’re trying to create that atmos- phere on a Friday night, because a lot of people are upright nowadays.

“And we’re going to invite anyone who wants to buy into a poker tournament. And we’re going to have some high- rollers.

“But I have to warn you: the money that you win, that’s gonna go into the fund. You can’t take that home.”

Chalk up another one for Mrs. O.  (Who knew she was such a hoot?)

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