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‘Diva Toolbox’ Host Janet Powers Lays Out Benefits of Internet Radio in More Magazine

more-magazine-11-12-10-aIf you’re thinking about starting your own radio show, take a moment and peruse the current online edition of More magazine —the “leading voice of today’s sophisticated, affluent and accomplished woman.”

There you’ll find an informative feature by BlogTalkRadio’s very own Janet Powers, host of Diva Toolbox Radio.

“The biggest benefit of hosting your own Internet radio show is the opportunity to share your message with millions without expensive equipment and to connect with your target market without leaving your office,” she writes in the article headlined “Boost Your Business with Your Own Radio Show.”

“Internet talk radio is transmitted via the Internet through a computer and can be accessed globally. With most Internet radio platforms, all you need is a telephone and a computer to host your show—not much different than being on a conference call.”

Janet: Educating would-be hosts on the power of BlogTalkRadio.

Janet: Educating would-be hosts on the power of BlogTalkRadio.

Janet also offers guidelines on defining a show, covering issues like naming, branding and marketing the broadcast.

She addresses, as well, the benefits of producing shows with a platform like BlogTalkRadio. Among her pros are that “the station already has listeners and other hosts to help build audience quickly,” and that “there’s a support team and help available to answer questions and solve problems.”

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