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Eddie Money: Doctors Were Puttin’ Me in a Dialysis Machine, Sewin’ Me up and Singin’ ‘Baby Hold On’

It’s been 29 years since his near-fatal overdose, but Eddie Money still recalls the experience like it was yesterday.

Interviewed on Somewhere in Vegas, the formerly hard-living rocker, whose autobiographical new musical, Two Tickets to Paradise, debuts next month in New York, relives the trauma – complete with a dark new twist.

CAPTION: “I’m very happy with the play I wrote,” Eddie tells us of “Two Tickets to Paradise.” “I call it my swan song.”

“I’m very happy with the play I wrote,” Eddie (above) tells us of “Two Tickets to Paradise.” “I call it my swan song.”

While partying in 1980, Eddie inhaled a drug he thought was cocaine but was in fact a home- made concoction that nearly killed him. And in the days that followed, his manager, hoping to evade a PR disaster, concocted a story about him wrecking his bike.

“It wasn’t a motorcycle accident. I had a major drug overdose, from a drug called phenetol, which was a bathtub barbiturate,” the Baby Hold On singer tells host Marq Piocos.

“And the guy that invented it killed about 30 or 40 kids all across the country. And he’s in life in prison somewhere.

“I didn’t know what I was doin’. I was snortin’ something. I was stupid. I was drinkin’ and, next thing you know – bang-o! – I went into a semi-catatonic state.

“My nerves weren’t twitching. I blew out my kidneys.

“And the strangest thing in the world was, I was in the operating room in a twilight state and they had the radio on and Baby Hold On came on the radio.

“And here are all these doctors puttin’ me in this kidney dialysis machine, sewin’ my leg up and stuff like that and they’re all singin’ Baby Hold On.

And I goin’, ‘Man, this is like The Twilight Zone!’”

Also during the hourling interview, Eddie discusses one of his biggest regrets of recent years.

“I would think there’s probably gonna be a record in that,” he tells Marq of the soundtrack to his stage show.

“Because – the worst thing I ever did, I sold the publishing [rights to my songs], which I should have never done.

“When your Jewish accountant tells you something, you’d better listen. They’re smart people!”

To hear Eddie’s full interview, click here.

Bobbie Brown: Tommy Lee Finally Apologized for Abusing Me


"It was like a death," Bobbie (above) tells us of her breakup with Tommy.

Sounds like Tommy Lee is getting sensitive in his old age—and it’s about time.

Fifteen years after he was busted for suspicion of battering then- ladylove Bobbie Brown, the Mötley Crüe drummer has told her he’s sorry.

Interviewed this week on BlogTalkRadio’s Katie 80, the former Miss Louisiana Teen USA and Star Search champ says that—though the mea culpa was long coming—it has in the end strengthened her relation- ship with Tommy, now 46.

“It probably took me 10 years to be able to be in the same room with him and not be affected in some way emotionally.

“Of course, I was ruined for at least Continue reading