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George Clooney’s Journo Dad Down on MSNBC and Fox News Channel

Nick Clooney is no fan of cable news – from either end of the political spectrum.


“Any information source that comes to you with a point of view cannot be news,” Nick (above) tells us.

The one-time local-market anchorman, who’s better known these days as George Clooney’s dad, believes that bottom-rated MSNBC and top- rated Fox News Channel are breeding a nation of nefarious citizens.

“MSNBC in its primetime is not news. Fox, generally speaking – in its entire 24-hour cycle – is not news,” he tells Politico host Patick Gavin.

“Those who watch only MSNBC in its primetime, or only Fox, will only be feeding their own biases. They don’t want to hear anything that contradicts their own world view,” adds Nick, who in 2004 made an unsuccessful bid for the U.S. House of Representatives.

“And that’s problematic, because if everybody has boutique news, then we have…300 million ignorant people. That’s too bad, because ignorant people do bad things.”

Nick also chats about his superstar son.

 CAPTION: With son George (right) at the Newseum in Washington in January.

Good news? Good luck! With son George at the Newseum in Washington in January.

“What are the chances that we might get the Clooneys to perm- anently settle down in D.C.?” asks Patrick.

“That’s very nice of you to say, but George is too much of a stormy petrol. He’s going to be all over the map. He’s going to be everywhere, trying to do what he can with regard to Darfur.

“In my case, I’m old and I’m a Kentuckian so you’ll find me never too far from my bourbon.”

To hear Nick’s full interview, click here.