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‘NBA Breakdown’ Hosts Score Media Trifecta with ‘Daytime Toronto’ Appearance

Audley Stephenson and Dave Mendonca are shaping up to be quite the publicity machine—and we couldn’t be more pleased.

One month after our NBA Breakdown hosts launched the new season of their show with profiles in The Brampton Guardian and Mississauga News, the dynamic duo was at it again.

Only this time, it wasn’t their hometown papers splashing them across the pages. It was Daytime Toronto flashing them on TV screens across the city known as Hollywood North.

CAPTION: "Our ‘brand' is just to have a lot of fun with it," Audley (above) told Toronto viewers of his BTR show.

"Our ‘brand' is just to have a lot of fun with it," Audley (above) said of his BlogTalkRadio show.

The NBA Breakdown is an online radio basketball talk show that’s just fun. It’s just two average guys talking hoops,” Dave told host Chris Greidanus during the eight-minute interview.

“You watch TV sports shows, you see guys in suits—we’re not corporate. We’re the real deal,” he added. “And people connect with that.”

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Yet Another Hometown Paper Profiles Our ‘NBA Breakdown’ Hosts—Who Predict 15 Million Listeners

We don’t have any sort of award for best promotional effort of the week. But if we did, Audley Stephenson and Dave Mendonca would be shoe-ins for the honor.

Two days after our NBA Breakdown hosts landed a profile in The Brampton Guardian, they scored another report in the local media, this one in The Mississauga News, which covers the Toronto suburb of (you guessed it) Mississauga.

“Dave Mendonca and Audley Stephenson are just a couple of regular guys who happen to love basketball,’ writes the paper’s Iain Colpitts. “But if you ask them, that’s what makes their Internet radio show, The NBA Breakdown, so appealing.”

CAPTION: "People are really getting pumped about two dudes going back and forth ripping each other," Dave (left) tells The News. "It's really exciting to see our crowds growing bigger and bigger." (Photo: Rob Beintema)

"People are really getting pumped about two dudes going back and forth ripping each other," Dave (left) tells The News. "It's really exciting to see our crowds growing bigger and bigger." (Photo: Rob Beintema)

The News also quotes Audley on how the show’s success sneaked up on him.

“In the beginning stages, it feels like you’re talking to yourself in a room,” he says. “You’ve got no idea who’s listening, but then you see the numbers go above 100,000 and you realize you’re not in a room by yourself anymore.”

Dave, meanwhile, tells the paper that the power of the Internet has been incredible and he expects to see the show reach 15 million Continue reading

BlogTalkRadio Is ‘the Ideal Forum’ for Talking Hoops, Hometown Paper Says in Report on ‘NBA Breakdown’ Hosts

While we’re always pleased (if rarely surprised) to read profiles of our many hard-working, talented hosts in the local media, we were extra thrilled this morning to wake up and find our NBA Breakdown hosts Audley Stephenson and Dave Mendonca plastered across the front page of their hometown paper.

In a Brampton Guardian (which covers Brampton, Ontario, and suburban Toronto) story headlined “Hoops Junkies Host NBA Show,” reporter Frank Juzenas writes:

CAPTION: "That was the only time I've ever heard him speechless," Dave (above left) tells The Guardian of the time Audley (right) interviewed Vivica here on BlogTalkRadio.

"That was the only time I've ever heard him speechless," Dave (left) says of the time Audley (right) interviewed Vivica Fox.

“Like a lot of basketball fans, Dave Mendonca and Audley Stephenson love talking hoops, and they have found the ideal forum for it.

“For the past two years, the two Brampton men have been the hosts of NBA Breakdown.

“The list of past guests is impressive, including legends like Dominque Wilkins, Rick Barry, former NBA slam-dunk champion Spud Webb, Toronto Raptors head coach Jay Triano and the late Wayman Tisdale.

“Equally impressive is that their website has had visitors from more than 100 countries who love the banter between the two and their knowledge, with a lot of the feedback coming from the U.S.”

We couldn’t Continue reading

SoundBits: Audley Stephenson Makes Hoops Dream a Reality

Perhaps better than anyone in cyberspace, Audley Stephenson knows that basketball isn’t just a game, it’s a way of life. And each week on The NBA Breakdown, he and co-host Dave Mendonca, who broadcast from their hometown of Toronto, prove it by not only covering the latest news of the season, but how pro hoops impacts everything from entertainment to fashion to humor to politics. Recent guests have included former NBA all-stars like John Starks and Elvin Hayes, and current sportscasters like ESPN’s Dick Vitale and The Best Damn Sports Show‘s Chris Rose. But there’s also been Kid-N-Play’s Chris Reid and R&B chart-topper Montell Jordan, who’ve shared their recollections of hanging with the pros. There there’s Kevin Johnson, the onetime NBA point guard who went on to become the first African-American mayor of Sacramento, Calif. While we’d love to tell you more, the 24-second clock will be kicking in any moment now, so it’s time to pass the ball to Audley…


Audley: Consistently slam-dunks from north of the border.

Give us a 15-second pitch for your show—why should listeners tune in?

The NBA Breakdown is a fun, high-energy basketball talk show. Dave and I interview big guests while delivering even bigger laughs. That’s because we disagree most of the time, so our opposing viewpoints often lead to good-natured verbal brawls. But for mild and hardcore fans alike, this is hoops talk the way it should be.

Tell us two things listeners would be surprised to learn about you?

(1) I got a job as an usher at the Air Canada Centre-home of the Toronto Raptors-just Continue reading