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Aspiring Preacher Omarosa: ‘I Am NOT a Chick to Mess With’

In a move that stunned her devotees and detractors alike, Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth announced last week that she’s on the road to becoming a minister.

But just last month here on BlogTalkRadio, The Apprentice star – whose self-help book is titled The Bitch Switch: Knowing How to Turn It On and Off – was sounding less than pious.

Interviewed on Wall of Style Radio, Omarosa offered a real-life anecdote illustrating how she regulates her own bitch switch.

CAPTION: "I turned the bitch switch on," aspiring preacher Omarosa (above) told us last month of her conversation with Wendy Williams.

"I turned my bitch switch on," would-be reverend Omarosa (above) told us of her chat with Wendy Williams.

“I went into a store that was advertising those cute little mini laptops. They had a little sale and they were supposed to be $199. They’re usually about $300,” she told host Dee Dee Kelly.

“So I was like Continue reading