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Oh, Snaps! Pauly and Marky Hang with Richard Simmons

How do Pauly and Marky find the time to sleep, or eat even – let alone do their ever-popular Fruit Salad show here on BlogTalkRadio?

CAPTION: Pauly (left) and Marky (right) go retro '80s with the granddaddy of fitness gurus himself.

Pauly (left) and Marky (right) go retro '80s with the granddaddy of fitness gurus himself.

Every time we turn around, the boys are busy chatting or otherwise hobnobbing with famous faces galore.

In recent months alone they’ve been snapped with Liza Minelli, Danny DeVito, Dolly Parton, Adam Lambert, Ricki Lake, Margaret Cho, Marie Osmond, Lynda Carter, Haylie Duff, Deborah Gibson, Florence Henderson, T.R. Knight and – well, suffice it to say these guys get around big-time.

Their latest score?  Sweatin’ to the oldies this week with Richard Simmons in his L.A. studio.

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Kristin Chenoweth: I’d Love to Play Glinda on the Silver Screen

Kristin Chenoweth is raring to reprise her Wicked role in the upcoming movie version of the Tony Award-winning musical – assuming she’s still young enough to walk!

Interviewed on Fruit Salad, the diva, who originated Glinda, the Good Witch of the North, says she’d sign on for the flick in a flash, though doesn’t hold out much hope that the opportiunity will present itelf anytime soon.

CAPTION: "I'll be waiting. I'll be waiting," Kristin tells us of the chance to bring Glinda to the cineplex.

"I'll be waiting. I'll be waiting," Kristin tells us of the chance to bring Glinda to the Cineplex.

“All I can tell you is that I think the movie will definitely happen,” Kristin, who turns 41 this month, tells hosts Pauly and Marky.

“But I might be old enough to play Madame Morrible [the headmistress at Glinda’s university] by the time that thing comes into fruition.”

“I think they’re going to try and suck it dry for as much money as they can before they make the movie,” she adds of the 2010- slated project – in which IMDb only lists her as being “rumored” to play Glinda.

“If you think about it, Chicago and Phantom – it was 20 years or so before either of those was made into a film.

“But, obviously, I would love to do it for film, because I created it and originated it. And I’m sure Idina [Menzel, who originated the co-starring role of Elphaba] feels the same way.”

Wicked, which debuted on Broadway in 2003 – with a score by Stephen Schwartz, who also wrote Godspell and Pippin – tells the pre-Wizard of Oz story of Glinda’s relationship with Elphaba, who will go on to morph into the Wicked Witch of the West.

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Oh, Snaps! Pauly Promotes Repeal of Prop 8

In yet another show of his star-mingling prowess, Fruit Salad host Pauly got up close and personal with celebrity pals this week at a Repeal Proposition 8 rally in West Hollywood.

The controversial prop, of course, bans gay marriage in California.

Yet despite Pauly & Co.’s admirable efforts, the state’s Supreme Court – in response to numerous lawsuits – upheld the amendment on May 26.


Celestial smiles: Pauly hangs with Haylie Duff..

CAPTION: …pop star Deborah Gibson and activist Calpernia Addams…

…pop star Deborah Gibson and activist Calpernia Addams…

CAPTION: …and Oscar-nominated actress Sally Kirkland.

…and Oscar-nominated actress Sally Kirkland.

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Oh, Snaps! Pauly Hangs with ‘American Idol’ Finalist Adam Lambert

There’s no question as to which American Idol finalist our Fruit Salad hosts will be rooting for tonight when the mega-hit reality series picks its Season Eight winner: Kris Allen or Adam Lambert.

Hands down, it’s the flamboyant Adam that Pauly’s got his money on.

“Adam is an unbelievable talent,” Pauly tells us. “I don’t think we’ve ever seen someone of his caliber in our generation. He’s reminiscent of David Bowie, Freddy Mercury and Steve Perry all rolled into one hot package.”

Adam (left) with Pauly recently at Mark's restaurant in West Hollywood.

Adam (left) with Pauly recently at Mark's restaurant in West Hollywood.

Meanwhile, hot new boy band Varsity Fanclub tells us they, too, have their fingers crossed for Adam – and that they’ve chilled with his beau.

“We hung out with him a couple of weeks ago out here in L.A.  So we gotta choose Adam,” VFC frontman David Brandt tells WZAP Radio host Zachary Sang.

“Did you meet his boyfriend?” asks the incorrigible Zach.

“We definitely saw him. We were at the ‘Do, which is an awesome club. And they were definitely hangin’ out in the corner… in a booth.”

The live season finale of American Idol gets under way tonight at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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Carol Channing: Gallo Wine Driver Composed My New Arts Anthem

It’s not often that truck drivers get their songs showcased by super- stars like Carol Channing—or any celeb, for that matter.

But that’s exactly what happened in the case of one such driver from her hometown of Modesto, Calif.

CAPTIONS: "I'm crazy about this song," Carol (above) tells is about her new educational number.

"I'm crazy about this song," Carol (above) tells us of her new educational number.

Interviewed this week on The Fruit Salad Show, Carol says that—as part of her new Job Corps campaign to inspire delinquent school kids—she opens her presentations with a composition about the importance of arts programs in America’s public schools.

“A truck driver who drives trucks for Gallo wines… wrote a song for me to sing. And he’s exactly on the nose,” Carol tells host Pauly – before quipping, “I could sing it for you Acapulco.”

Moments later, the Hello Dolly diva—who, in 2004, was award- ed a Ph.D. in fine arts by California State University—does in fact belt out the unnamed driver’s number a cappella:

The show must go on,
Make sure the marquis’ lit,
The show must go on,
Don’t let the spotlight sit,
The future’s at stake,
The schools all implore us,
Just give kids the chance,
And you’ll see one day their skills will advance.
Move over! Make way!
The arts must keep their place in education.

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