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Former ‘House Hunters’ Host Suzanne Whang to HGTV: My Fans Would Beg to Differ That I’m Dispensable

For the record, House Hunters has given host Suzanne Whang the old heave-ho—despite what your ears may be telling you.

Interviewed on Olivia Wilder Times, the comedian helps clear up some confusion about who’s been narrating recent episodes of the long- running HGTV reality series.

Suzanne: Vocal about net's apparent vocal doubles.

Suzanne: Vocal about cable net's alleged vocal doubles.

“I [hosted House Hunters] for almost a decade, and I left about a year ago. But they will show my reruns in perpetuity, I’m sure,” Suzanne sniffs to host Olivia Wilder.

“They have apparently hired someone to do the voiceovers— who fans of mine are claiming is Continue reading