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Post Promotion Checklist For Online Radio Hosts and Podcasters

Post Promotion Guide: 12 Things To Do After You Host Your Podcast

A lot of effort is put into promoting your show before it goes live, but it’s just as important to promote your show after you host it in order to develop a following, generate traffic and build relationships.

We recently did a show on BlogTalkRadio University sharing the 12 things to check off your list after you host your show.  The show was inspired by an infographic posted by DivvyHQ on the topic of how to promote a blog post after you write it.  In some ways, you can compare hosting a podcast or an online radio show to “audio blogging” so many of the tips in the infographic apply to our radio hosts.

Listen to our most recent episode to get your post-show cheat sheet of everything you need to do to promote your latest show episode. And be sure to listen to the entire broadcast because we share a 13th tip that you don’t want to miss! Tune in.

11 Online Resources to Help Promote Your Radio Show

I’m always on the lookout for resources to help BlogTalkRadio hosts bring in new listeners.  I took some time this afternoon to compile a list for you. I hope you find it useful. Mind you, not all of these promotion techniques are radio or podcast specific, but I believe you can cull some useful tips out of them just the same.:

Behold: 11 Online Resources to Help Promote Your Radio Show

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  4. Promoting Your PodCast with YouTube
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  7. How I Use Twitter to Promote My Blog
  8. Video Tutorials for Promoting Podcasts
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  10. Google SEO Basics for Beginners
  11. SEO Basics: Effective Keyword Research