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Vanessa Williams, ‘True Grit’ Star Kim Darby and Pop Dup Official Hot Mess and More on BlogTalkRadio

vanessa-williamsVanessa Willams: The actress known for her roles on Desperate Houswives and Ugly Betty stops by Film Festival Radio to talk with host Janice Malone about the new NBC series Who Do You Think You Are? which traces the lineages of celebritrated Americans.

chenoa-maxwellChenoa Maxwell: The actress-photographer—who has appeared in such flicks as Hav Plenty and Lenox Avenue—sits down with Keeping It Reel host Tim Gordon to chat about her dual careers, and why she now pursues life behind the lens instead of in front of the camera.

official-hot-mess11Official Hot Mess: The red-hot pop duo—sisters Kristy and Lindsey Landers—drop in on Artists on Demand to hang with host Vicky Gorman while chatting up their spanking new video Money Makes the Girl$ Go Round, which has hit No. 1 on MTV’s Top 100.

kim-darbyKim Darby: The actress who played Mattie Ross in the original, Oscar-winning Western True Grit—before going on to star in such flicks as The One and Only and Teen Wolf Too—returns to The NeverHood to chat with Ethan Tudor W about the acting craft.

chris-dawson1Chris Dawson: Is technology an aspect of education in which we can ensure a level playing field? Education tech reporter Chris Dawson joins MashUp Radio host Peter Biddle to examine how the two can work in tandem, and whether the netbook or the iPad is better suited for today’s classrooms.

Matthew Modine, ‘Jackass’ Star Steve-O and Soul Diva Angie Stone Today on BlogTalkRadio

martin-fletcherMatthew Modine: The Full Metal Jacket star joins Movie Geeks United hosts Jamey DuVall and Jerry Dennis for their eight-part tribute to the late director Stanley Kubrick. Matthew also announces the 2011 debut of the iPad version of his 2005 book, Full Metal Jacket Diary—and that, for the first time ever, he’s selling autographed prints of photos he took on the set of the 1987 Vietnam War flick.

steveoSteve-O: The British-born Jackass star, who graduated from Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Clown College in 1997, drops in on World Talk Live to chat with host Brett Cohen about his upcoming screen projects and his stunt-filled stand-up comedy tour.

angie-stoneAngie Stone: The soul diva, whose 2007 album The Art of Love & War hit No. 1 on the R&B charts—and who has collaborated with such A-listers as Erykah Badu, Josh Groban and Lenny Kravitz—drops in on Layin’ It on the Line’s Reginald Ford to sample tracks from her latest CD Unexpected.

paolocoehlo3Paulo Coelho—Live & Taking Calls: The iconic Brazilian writer returns to Syndicated News to talk with Ruthie DiTucci about the 20th anniversary edition of his allegorical novel The Alchemist, which has sold 65 million copies—and holds the Guinness World Record for most translated book by a living author.

fran-capoFran Capo: The New York City-born adventurer-comedian, who holds the Guinness World Record for fastest-talking female—having spoken 603 words in 54 seconds—chats with Movie Addict Headquarters host Betty Jo Tucker about plying her verbal virtuosity on the silver screen.

martin-fletcher1Martin Fletcher: NBC News’ Middle East bureau chief drops in on World Footprints hosts Tonya and Ian Fitzpatrick to discuss his new book, Walking Israel: A Personal Search for the Soul of a Nation. Plus: Curator Bill Dreyer takes us inside the art of Ted Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss.