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Get More Exposure for Your Show with Apple’s Podcasts App

Last week, Apple came out with their brand new Podcasts app, which makes podcast content in iTunes much easier to discover and access on an iPad or iPhone.  As a host on BlogTalkRadio, you can easily add your show to iTunes and benefit from having your content automatically included in the new Podcasts app and more easily found by users. What’s great about the app too is that your listeners can easily share your show with their networks via Twitter, Messages or Mail.  Learn how to get your show on iTunes by listening to this BlogTalkRadio University segment or following the directions on this previous blog post.

After your show is up on iTunes, be sure to let your listeners know that they can easily subscribe to your episodes when they download the new, free Podcast app.  All they have to do is visit the App Store on their iPhone or iPad and search for “Podcasts.”  Once the app is downloaded, they can type your show into the search box and subscribe:

The app includes hundreds of thousands of podcasts in 40 languages and are grouped by topic (i.e. arts, business, etc.).  Let your listeners know that they can discover other BlogTalkRadio shows in the app by just typing BlogTalkRadio into the search box:

We think the new Podcasts app is great for several reasons.  Before, users would have to log into iTunes from their computer in order to download or subscribe to a podcast, but with this app, there is no need to have to use a PC to access your podcasts.  Now, users can also stream episodes online or download them locally to listen to offline.  And for those who prefer to manage podcasts on their PC, the app allows them to sync with iTunes.  Most importantly, the Podcasts app gives your BlogTalkRadio show more exposure and makes it easier for your audience to listen anytime and anywhere!

You can read more about the Podcasts app here.

7 BlogTalkRadio Sharing Tools To Grow Your Audience

BlogTalkRadio makes it easy for you to share your show with the world. And in 2011 we were happy to announce a number of *NEW* ways to help you spread the word. Take advantage of all of it to grow your listener base:

*NEW* Update your Settings with your Facebook page so you can easily communicate with your audience right from the Studio.

*NEW* Encourage your listeners to connect their accounts to Facebook so that they can share and discover new BlogTalkradio shows  from their network.  Here’s how.

*NEW* Update your Settings with your Twitter handle so you can easily send updates to your followers right from the Studio. Twitter tips.


It’s easy to to embed your show on your website or blog.  Here’s how.


Make your show available on ITunes to attract listeners on the go. Learn about it.



*NEW* Remember to blast your show out to all of your email contacts and followers. Read up on our email update to take advantage of the feature.


You can fill in keywords for your show and episode descriptions to drive traffic & listeners from search engines. SEO Tips.


*NEW* Encourage listeners to like, share and +1 your content on Google+. Read up on this update.


And last but not least, take a listen to Marketing Club for tips on how to better market and monetize your show. Tune into the archives here and follow us to get updates of upcoming broadcasts!

Extend the Reach of Your Online Radio Show with iTunes

BlogTalkRadio understands the importance of iTunes when it comes to the syndication of your online radio show or podcasts. We automatically send your last show over to the iTunes store for people to download for free, but wouldn’t you like to have ALL of your shows in the iTunes store for people to subscribe to, download and listen to from their iPods, iPhones and computers right from their iTunes?

It provides direct access to whole new audience. So what are you waiting for?  Listen to a BlogTalkRadio University segment from our staff on how to submit your show to iTunes or follow the steps below.

Step One: Get Your Podcast URL
All you need to do is add /podcast to the end of your show URL, for example: http://blogtalkradio.com/yourshowname/podcast and that is what you will submit to iTunes. 

Step Two: Submit Your Show to iTunes
If you do not have one already, you will need to have iTunes installed on your computer and create an account so you can use iTunes and submit your show.

Go to http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/ to start your free download.

Once you have it installed, create an account and then click on the “Podcasts” link on the top of the menu navigation. It should look like this:




Once you click on the “Podcasts” link you will then be directed to the Podcast section of the store. On the right hand side there is a link that reads: “Submit a Podcast,” click on that.






Once you have clicked on “Submit a Podcast” a new page will open up. This is where you will insert: http://blogtalkradio.com/yourshowname/podcast

After you have typed it click on “Continue” and you will then be prompted to log into your iTunes account that you just created.

After you log in, you will review your submission and see your artwork from your BlogTalkRadio profile page. Keep in mind if this artwork doesn’t show up you will need to resize your image on your profile to be exactly 300×300 pixels.Then go back to iTunes and resubmit so your image will be included in your podcast.

After you review your show for accuracy and it is exactly how you want it, click on the submit button and your show will be sent to iTunes for approval. This process can take up to one day or up to two weeks depending on iTunes backlog. BlogTalkRadio will then import your account number into your profile page. GUESS WHAT?! You don’t have to do anything after this point.





That was easy wasn’t it? Congratulations! Your show is now ready to heard by millions of people!

You will also notice that on all of your shows and on your profile page there is an iTunes icon. When people click on that icon they will be automatically directed to your podcast page in the iTunes store. They can then subscribe to your show, download your shows and load them into their mp3 players, iPhones, iPods and listen to you whenever they want, wherever they are!We will include all listens/downloads in your stats from iTunes right in your BlogTalkRadio account so you can see the increase in listenership to your show.

Good luck and let us know if you have any other questions by using the contact us form on the site and we are happy to help you!

8 Places to Find Resources for Podcasters


The web is a goldmine of information. You can find just information on any topic, and most of it is quite useful. Take podcasting. Though BlogTalkRadio provides so many tools to make your online radio experience simple and user friendly, there’s still so much more to learn. That’s why it’s a good idea to check out the podcasting resources available to learn tips for promotion, topics, equipment and more. To help you out a little, I’ve compiled a list of places to find podcasting resources. Check it out:

  1. Podcasting News offers the most up to date information on everything podcasting. News, tips and even a regular listing of podcasting jobs, this is one for your Google Reader.
  2. Podcasting Tools is a website offering a wide assortment of information for podcasters including definitions, links to podcasting wikis, podcasting tutorials, history and more.
  3. The San Diego College of Education has a thorough list of resources for educational podcasting including production tips, content tips and links to other educational podcasts.
  4. Podagogy – “Where podcasting meets teaching and learning” – offers a great list of definitions, hints and links to how-to’s.
  5. Apple & iTunes feature some terrific tips for podcasters.
  6. In July 2007, Mashable posted a massive list of podcasting resources. Most of those are still relevant today.
  7. The Kenton County School District also has a worthy list of resources for podcasters.
  8. Feed For All has an interesting list of tools for podcasters.

Do you have any favorite resources you’d like to share with the BlogTalkRAdio community?

Don’t Forget to Update Your Show Image

A quick reminder to all BlogTalkRadio hosts out there: Make sure to update your Show Image size to 300 by 300 pixels by January 12th.

In order to be featured BlogTalkRadio and iTunes, we are asking that you change your Show Image to 300 by 300 pixels instead of the previous size of 200 x 200. If you haven’t uploaded a new image by January 12th at 300 by 300 pixels, we will upload a generic BlogTalkRadio graphic (you can see the default image below) in your Show Image’s place that you can update at any time in the future.

If you have any questions, please contact our Support Team at service@blogtalkradio.com, and we’ll be glad to help.


Reminder: Update Your Show Image

We just wanted to remind all BlogTalkRadio hosts that you’ll need to update your Show Image size by January 12th.

To be featured on BlogTalkRadio and iTunes, we are asking that you change your Show Image to 300 by 300 pixels instead of the previous size.

If you haven’t uploaded a new image by January 12th at 300 by 300 pixels, we will upload a generic BlogTalkRadio graphic in your Show Image’s place that you can update at any time in the future.

Below is the default image. Please contact our Support Team at service@blogtalkradio.com if you have any questions, and we’ll be glad to help.


Now Streaming on iTunes Radio: BlogTalkRadio

BlogTalkRadio channels are now being streamed through iTunes Radio. So far, the Flylady and Heading Right channels are available on iTunes streaming radio.

Simply launch the iTunes application on your PC or Mac and click “Radio” in the left hand column to access the iTunes Radio selections.


This will open a world of new content. Find the “Talk/Spoken Word” category and click the black triangle next to it to view all the streams. Double click which BlogTalkRadio stream you want to tune into and – bam! – you’re streaming BlogTalkRadio Channels on iTunes.


The BlogTalkRadio development team will be creating streaming iTunes channels across our wide variety of comedy, sports, entertainment, finance, and other programming. Stay tuned for more. Literally, stay tuned with iTunes and BlogTalkRadio.