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FOX’s Mike and Juliet Welcome Susan Powter – BlogTalkRadio’s Newest Celeb Host – Tuesday Morning

BlogTalkRadio isn’t the only network that’s thrilled that Susan Powter’s coming back from her 10-year, self-imposed exile with a bang.

Tomorrow on FOX’s nationally-syndicated Morning Show with Mike and Juliet, hosts Mike Jerrick and Juliet Huddy welcome the wellness guru for a discussion of why, how and where she’s once again out to Stop the Insanity!
While we’ll let you find out the why and how from Mike and Juliet (by checking local listings and tuning in tomorrow morning), the where is another story.

After chatting in-studio with the perky duo, Susan launches her new BlogTalkRadio show here on the world’s largest radio network.

Her guests?  “Godfather of fitness” Jack LaLanne – who’s still spry at 94 – and his lovely wife of 49 years, Elaine LaLanne.

Airing Tuesdays from 7 to 9 p.m. ET, The Susan Powter Radio Show brings her trademark humor, unapologetic honesty and uncanny common sense to listeners looking to change their less-than-salubrious ways.

Preaching a daily regimen of “eat, breathe, move and think,” the program will also feature celebrity guests in the coming weeks.

But for her big debut, Susan tells us she wants to get right down to business, catching up with her legions of loyal followers while dishing with those who are new to her kick-ass motivational methods.

So don’t be shy about calling the three-time New York Times best-selling author – whom Shape magazine recently dubbed “the Lenny Bruce of wellness” – during the show.  Here’s the number: (347)237-5309.

See you tomorrow in the chat room!
Listen to The Susan Powter Radio Show on internet talk radio

BlogTalkRadio Welcomes Jack LaLanne Grandfather of Fitness

10 years ago BlogTalkRadio host Connie Bennett kicked sugar and became “reborn,” and she’s celebrating with Part II of her Gab-With-Gurus health extravaganza featuring the one and only Jack LaLanne.

Jack LalanneToday at 3pm ET on Stop Sugar Shock, Connie brings you Part II of her unique radio event that brings you heath experts to reboot, rejuvenate and rev up your life. Today’s featured health experts featured include:

Remember to check out Gab-With-Gurus Part I, to complete your healthy dose of inspiration and knowledge.