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‘One Tree Hill’ Star Barbara Alyn Woods: My Six-Year Old Daughter’s Addicted to a Very Bad Word

Despite all the experience Barbara Alyn Woods has parenting her TV kids, she can’t seem to keep one of her own brood from belting out a particular profanity.

Curses the “c” word.

Barbara: Curses the “c” word.

Interviewed on Stardish Radio, the One Tree Hill star dishes about how she and the other adult castmembers take pains to watch their language around eight-year-old Jackson Brundage, who plays Jamie Scott.

“We had a big discussion about whether ‘crap’ was a bad word.  And I said it was a bad word, because whatever your kids are not allowed to say in school is a bad word. And kids cannot say that word in school,” Barbara tells host Joann Kubasek.

“When Jackson’s around that’s what we’re always talking about – what we can and can’t talk about,” she continues.

But here’s the ironic part.

“What’s really bad is that my daughter, who’s six, won’t say ‘crap,’ but she will say the ‘c’ word,” reveals the actress.

Then she laughs: “And I said, Honey, don’t say the ‘c’ word. Saying the ‘c’ word is even worse than saying ‘crap’!”

To hear Barbara’s complete interview, click here.