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Join the Conversation with Joseph Jaffe and Alan Levy

Joseph Jaffe, President and Chief Interruptor of crayon, a conversational marketing company, specializing in community, dialogue and partnership joins Alan Levy on the Alan Levy Show today.

joseph_jaffe At 3pm ET today, Joseph Jaffe will join the conversation with Alan Levy about Jaffe’s new book Join the Conversation.

Jaffe’s popular blog and podcast “Jaffe Juice”, provides commentary on all things new marketing. His podcast was voted a Readers’ Choice Award as “Best Marketing Podcast” by MarketingSherpa.

jtc_book.jpgHis new book, Join the conversation: How to engage marketing-weary consumers with the power of community, dialogue and partnership, continues to push the envelope and shift perspectives on the way marketers think about marketing. It is an appropriate follow up to his first book, Life After The 30-Second Spot: Energize Your Brand With A Bold Mix Of Alternatives To Traditional Advertising, which provided a much needed industry eye-opening. Join the Conversation, and its complementary blog, outline the birth and rise of “conversational marketing” – a vision of literally what comes next and how marketers can become part of the conversation, instead of constantly disrupting it.

Join the conversation live today at 3pm ET on The Alan Levy Show.