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It’s a Themeless Edition of ‘The Mix’

The Daily Mix marks its one-year anniversary this week.

And to celebrate, we’re bringing you a show that doesn’t even pretend to have any rhyme or reason.

Rather, we’ve tossed together the requisite sound bites so haphazardly that you’ll swear we were sauced out of our gourds while editing it.

Which isn’t to say this themeless show isn’t as entertaining as all get-out.

To the contrary, you’ll learn:

CAPTION: "In the past, I've had a guy go, 'Yea, you wanna have a threesome?'" Alisa (above) reveals to us of her own love life.

"I've had a guy go, 'Yea, you wanna have a threesome?'" Alisa (above) reveals of her own love life.

-What former Nickelodeon star – and current BTR host – Alisa Reyes advises the listener who writes, “Dear Alisa, my boyfriend started asking me about my friend’s sex life. What should I do?”

-When TMZ.com managing editor Harvey Levin says, “I’m not gonna get into it,” which celebrity’s wrath he’s declining to address.

-Which big-screen idol’s offspring tells us of the late icon, “He wasn’t a perfect guy but he did the right thing in the toughest moments.”

-Why former NFL star Warren Sapp tells funnylady Shondrella Avery, “Bam! You tall” – and why she tells him, “Bam! You big. Let’s do it, boo.”

-When Ohio Players drummer James “Diamond” Williams says, “You got young kids in this business talkin’ about ‘Let me lick you up and down,'” what business it is that he’s referring to.

-How One Tree Hill castmember Joe Manganiello dealt with a male stalker who “would call and leave these really weird poems on my phone.”

So don’t miss The Mix, hosted by everyone’s favorite pod jockey, Shaun Daily, tonight – and every Monday – at 9 p.m. ET!

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