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The Ohio Players’ James ‘Diamond’ Williams: What’s Up with These Obscene Lyrics?

For a guy whose band is legendary for its R-rated album covers, James “Diamond” Williams sure sounds pretty tame these days.

Interviewed on Fresh Touch Communications, the Ohio Players drummer-vocalist bemoans the current state of hip-hip lyrics.

CAPTION: Players, not playas: Diamond (far left) with his fellow funk masters in 1975.

Players, not playas: Diamond (far left) with his fellow funk masters in 1975.

“I’m very proud of the fact that we never dropped the line of our artistic and creative ability. We said things very cleverly,” he tells host Darryl Williams.

Sweet Sticky Things is about sex. Funky Worm is about sex. All our music was about women. All our music was about love.

“But the way we expressed it was of a level where you had to use your own imagination… You had to fill in the blanks. There were still some blanks to be filled in,” Diamond continues.

“With the expression of music that’s going on today, you got young kids in this business talkin’ about ‘Let me lick you up and down. Let me lick you from your neck to the floor. Let me throw you on the table’ or whatever.

Imagine that: Vintage Ohio Players album-cover art.

Imagine that: The band's vintage covers.

“Today, I can play Love Rollercoaster and Fire and all of the tracks that I wrote, to my grandsons, and feel proud of the fact that they can listen to it, and not be embarrassed by anything that they’re gonna hear.

“These kids – they’re 18, 19, 20 writin’ these songs right now – when they get to be my age, they gonna have some embarrassment about some of the things they were singing on these records.”

To hear Diamond’s full interview, click here.