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Here’s Looking at You, Ingrid

Thanks to our ever-inquisitive Movie Addict Headquarters team, we now know what America’s all-time favorite Ingrid Bergman flick is.

And that would be…

In you-know-what with you-know-who.

In you-know-what with you-know-who.


In conjunction with their special presentation, “Another Look at Ingrid Bergman,” host Betty Jo Tucker and sidekick Jazz Shaw asked film fans and professional critics alike to pick from seven of the Swedish beauty’s big-screen features, as well as the TV film A Woman Called Golda.

Here’s how the voting panned out: Continue reading

Steve Guttenberg to Director Dr. Ravi Godse: Gimme More Close-ups!

Funnyman Steve Guttenberg‘s plea for more screen time came a bit too late.

But Movie Addict Headquarters listeners loved it all the same.

CAPTION: "I know that Ravi and I are going to make more movies together," Steve (above) tells us.

"I know that Ravi and I are going to make more movies together," Steve (above) tells us.

Earlier today on the show, host Betty Jo Tucker was chatting with indy writer-director-actor Dr. Ravi Godse—who’s also a real-life physician—about his new comedy, If It Ain’t Broke, Break It, when a surprise guest called in with some criticism.

That guest, as you may have guessed, was none other than Steve himself, who plays the lead in the flick.

“Ravi, what aren’t I in more close-ups? I should have more close-ups. I don’t know why there aren’t more close-ups of me?” the Police Academy staple raged.

Ravi’s response? Continue reading

Jason Connery: No Silver-Screen Roles with Father Sean

If you’ve been wondering when Sean Connery‘s going to return to the Cineplex, don’t hold your breath.

So says the 79-year-old screen icon’s son, budding director Jason Connery.

Sean (left) and Jason: Never pulled off cinematic pairing.

Sean and Jason: Never pulled off cinematic pairing.

Interviewed on Movie Addict Headquarters, Jason, 46, who forged his own acting career in the British TV series Robin of Sherwood and flicks like Shanghai Noon, puts the kibosh on co-starring with the original 007.

When host Betty Jo Tucker asks, “Do you think that you and your father might ever appear together in a movie?” Jason says: Continue reading