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Superstar actress Angela Bassett returns to chat about her latest film, Olympus Has Fallen, her recent White House visit, work-life balance, her beauty regimen and her upcoming movie musical, Black Nativity.

Talking with Discovery channel storm chaser Tim samaras

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Hall of Fame catcher and baseball legend Johnny Bench shares his insights on breaking through.

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Planned Parenthood’s 85th anniversary


Joy Keys chats with Roslyn Y. Rogers, CEO of Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan NJ, about its 85th anniversary celebration.

J-Hud Tragedy Worsens: Nephew Confirmed Dead

NEW YORK (Story last updated Oct. 27 @ 11:14 p.m. ET) – The child’s body found this morning in the white Chevrolet Suburban that police had been searching for in connection with the murders of Jennifer Hudson’s mom, Darnell Donerson, and her brother, Jason Hudson, has been confirmed as that of the Oscar winner’s nephew, Julian King.

The seven-year-old had been missing since Friday, when Darnell and Jason were gunned down in their Chicago home.

The Amber Alert issued for the child soon after the carnage was discovered included the vehicle’s license plate, which in turn led passers to call 911, Chicago Police officials said.

William Balfour, 27, is being held in suspicion of the horrific slayings. Cops said the suspect took Julian with him when he fled the scene of the crime.

On her MySpace page yesterday, Jennifer posted this message from the Hudson family:

“Thank you all for your prayers and your calls. Please keep praying for our family and that we get Julian King back home safely . . . Here’s a picture [below] of Julian and what he was last seen wearing. Once again thank you all for being there for us through this tough time.”

The bot was last scene dressed in these clothes.

The last photo of Julian, who was slain along with Jennifer's mom and brother. May the child rest in peace - and justice be served.

Balfour had been married to Jennifer’s sister, Julia, for several years, but they were separated. Last year, Darnell reportedly told him to move out of the family’s home.

Out on parole while apprehended, Balfour spent nearly seven years in prison for attempted homicide, car-jacking and possession of a stolen vehicle.

J-Hud’s Happier Times

Earlier this year, Jennifer, 27, appeared on BlogTalkRadio from the set of her current film, The Secret Life of Bees.


Our prayers remain with you, Jennifer.

She called in to support fellow musician Craig Lewis, frontman for The Craig Lewis Band. During the segment, Craig gave BlogTalkRadio listeners a sampling of his astounding singing talent, which blew Jennifer away.

“Can you imagine what a Craig Lewis Band-Jennifer Hudson collaboration would be like?” asked host Darryl Roberts.

Shrieked Jennifer: “That’s an idea, y’all!”

To hear Jennifer’s January interview, click here.

Jennifer also appeared on the network in March 2007 for a full 90 minutes. During that interview, she belted out some joyful noise from one of her favorite gospel standards.

Then she quipped: “That’s for the people who didn’t believe this was really me.”

To hear Jennifer’s March 2007 interview, click here.

Our ‘Top 12 Curvy Entertainers’ List Unveiled!

As we told you this morning, Mo’Nique took top honors on the first annual BlogTalkRadio/PLUS Model Magazine “Top 12 Curvy Entertainers” list.

The ranking honors dynamic divas who have made significant strides in the entertainment industry by celebrating the skin they’re in and empowering curvy women around the world to do the same.

And tonight, Chenese Lewis, host of BlogTalkRadio’s PLUS Model Radio, unveiled the full list. But in case you missed the just-wrapped show, here are all the fabulous full-figured females who stand proudly in our Pantheon of Panache:

1. Mo’Nique: From standup comedian to movie actress to host of the highly popular Mo’Nique’s F.A.T. Chance on the Oxygen Network, Mo’Nique has built a winning career, all while maintaining her belief that women with curves deserve to be successful – and to have it all!

Ravishing in the No. 2 spot.

Raven Simone: Ravishing - as always - in the No. 2 spot.

2. Raven Simone: She has come a long way from the adorable, pint-size favorite on The Cosby Show to singer and star of That’s So Raven on the Disney Channel – and may be worth almost half a billion dollars – but Raven remains one child star who is still comfortable in her skin.

3. Oprah Winfrey: Where to start with this woman who has bared her soul to the public concerning her life and struggles with body image?  How about a confident, successful philanthropist and icon, who stands as a shining example of the adage “Anything is possible.”

4. America Ferrera: We love America! This amazing actress continues to make us root for the quirky Betty Suarez, the lead character on ABC’s Ugly Betty. Betty is smart, funny, soulful, practical and she gets the guy(s)!  What’s more, we adored her in the ever-popular chick-flick series, The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants.

5. Queen Latifah: All hail the Queen. The poised, confidant and glamorous Cover Girl, actress and humanitarian (check out The CurvationSM Project ConfidenceSM Awards) is also the first hip-hop artist to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! She now touts ”better health” as one of her campaigns. Yes, we can dig that. Look for her in the upcoming movie, The Secret Life of Bees.

6. Jordin Sparks: The winner of American Idol Season 6, Jordin, was the youngest contestant ever to take top honors. We cheered this curvy beauty all the way!  And a little-known fact: She was also a plus model for Torrid!

7. Sara Ramirez: This Tony Award-winning actress is unafraid to flaunt her curves, even if it means dancing in her undies on the top-rated ABC show, Grey’s Anatomy. And did you catch her in the red dress in the Got Milk? ads? Va-va-voom curves!

Broadway babe breaks in at No. 10.

Marissa Jaret-Winokur: Broadway babe breaks in at No. 10.

8. Jill Scott: A soulful triple Grammy Award-winning songstress, Jill has a new CD hitting the charts, a tour in the works  and a new Ashley Stewart bra line. She’s also an actress and published poet. This multi-talented diva has it all going on!

9. Jennifer Hudson: She may have been booted off American Idol, but this diva defied the odds in the movie Dreamgirls by tackling a larger-than-life role and going on to win an Oscar for Best Actress!  There’s also her latest role in the Sex and the City movie and in the upcoming Secret Life of Bees. Jennifer may have made a hit of And I Am Telling You, but she is going – all the way to the top!

10. Marissa Jaret-Winokur: You just have to love this vivacious, bubbly actress who began her career on Broadway in the Tony Award-winning Hairspray. She most recently cha-cha’d her way into our hearts on this past season’s Dancing with the Stars.

11. Camyrn Manheim: A current favorite on NBC’s Ghost Whisper, this activist, poker player, actress, Emmy Award winner and role model continues to be a champion for smart, talented, curvy women everywhere.

12. Whitney Thompson: And a final shout-out to the first plus-size lady to win America’s Next Top Model! Who would have thought?!

I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor on BlogTalkRadio

Celebrating 30 years of the song that helped make her a household name, Gloria Gaynor joins BlogTalkRadio today.

Gaynor At 1pm ET today, Gloria Gaynor will join Idol Radio today for an exclusive interview as the world celebrates 30 years of “I will survive” and how she’s still burning up the music scene today. Join this show live to hear from and talk to Ms. Gaynor herself.

On a side note, during Idol Radio’s interview with the Craig Lewis Band yesterday, Academy Award-winning Jennifer Hudson called in [at 43:15] to chat with the band. After they get over their shock at the surprise guest – they sing. Wow. Check it out.

BlogTalkRadio, The Citizen Broadcast Network

We launched BlogTalkRadio just over one year ago and we have been thrilled with our progress. In July 2006, Mike Arrington’s Techcrunch wrote;

“Will a significant number of text bloggers want to go live by voice through a service like this? I’m not sure they will, but if they do BlogTalkRadio looks like a good service. It’s certainly trying to cross some barriers into easy multi-media self production – and make it live. In cases where the two media are integrated well this could be very cool.”

In a little more than one year, we have broadcast 34,000 segments produced by thousands of hosts/publishers. BlogTalkRadio, the Citizen Broadcast Network has accumulated some of the best content on the web or off. Notable guests have included John McCain, Oliver Stone, Jennifer Hudson, Wesley Clark, Brian DePalma, Robert Scoble, Omar Minaya, etc. The list goes on and on.

Later this month, in a beta test, we will begin monetizing our platform by inserting audio ads into the archived broadcasts. We will also be serving our own banner ads. We will release details later this week, on how, what, when and where.

With thousands of active hosts, close to 250 new live shows produced each day, there are plenty of advertising opportunities on the network. Check out our popular shows, our featured shows and our robust category listings. Anyone interesting is learning more about advertising on our network or seeking sponsorship opportunities please contact advertising@blogtalkradio.com.

We welcome everyone to join the conversation.


BlogTalkRadio brings Idols closer to fans

Moments with Melinda is back tonight on BlogTalkRadio, for its second show in only a few days.

Melinda Doolittle, a semifinalist of last season’s American Idol, the powerhouse singer who attracted a following of admirers, wants to make sure she can reach all her fans.

md.jpgBrought to us by MelindaFan.net, this show aims to bring the American Idol fan favorite from last season a little closer to her fans. When Melinda had dozens of fans waiting on queue to talk to her when she ended her hour long show on Saturday, she promised she would come back soon to talk to those callers she didn’t get to. And three days later, she’s back.

Get your Moments with Melinda tonight at 8pm ET.

Melinda’s appearance on the show will be frequent, as she promises to use the tool to keep in touch with her audience around the globe. This isn’t the first American Idol great we’ve welcomed to the airwaves. Jennifer Hudson’s appearance on Idol Radio Show also had scores of fans waiting to speak to the Oscar-winning Dreamgirl.

Recently, BlogTalkRadio has also welcomed Vote For the Worst to the network. This show was started by a die-hard group of Idol watchers who wanted to take the power of the audience to shape the show into their own hands by starting a website to keep on their favorite contestants, despite their singing ability. These fans aimed to keep certain contestants on the show for their entertainment value, while creating a media phenomenon.

Entire shows, Idol Radio Show as well as Idol Radio Buzz, are dedicated to interviewing and keeping in touch with our favorite Idol contestants.

We welcome any and all fan shows to the network, and love how these let Idol followers join the conversation with their favorite contestants.