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It’s a Heart-Warming Edition of ‘The Mix’

You read that right.

Everyone’s favorite pod-jock – the ever devilish Shaun Daily – gets warm and fuzzy tonight while delivering answers to such all-important questions as:

—How Maya Angelou rose above racism to become San Francisco’s first black female cable car conductor.

CAPTION: “He looked at me and pointed at his heart,” Sheila E (here with frequent collaborator Prince) tells us of a defining moment onstage with her dad.

“He looked at me and pointed at his heart,” Sheila E (here with Prince) tells us of a defining moment onstage with her dad.

—When, where and why Kiss frontman Gene Simmons bonded with Tom Selleck.

—Why Poetry Man singer Phoebe Snow has vowed to take a DNA test.

—What content – produced by a BlogTalkRadio host – Al Franken says has a certain “charm” to it.

—How percussionist Sheila E came to realize exactly what she wanted to do with the rest of her life.

—What it is about being a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue model that doesn’t exactly sit well with Aussie stunner Jessica Hart.

—Why the Jonas Brothers’ dad was none too impressed that his sons were well-schooled in a certain environmental issue.

So don’t miss The Mix, tonight – and every Monday – at 9 p.m. ET!

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SI Swimsuit Issue Stunner Jessica Hart Shares Sex-Goddess Tips with Amber and Kelly

If you’ve got any brains whatsoever, you’re not reading a word of what’s written here.

Instead you’re feasting your eyes on Jessica Hart.

Jessica: Hart and sou (and them some).

Jessica: Hart and soul (and them some).

But the Aussie supermodel – who’s featured in Sports Illustrated’s 2009 swimsuit issue – isn’t just a pretty face (and killer bod).

No, Jessica’s also an entrepreneur, as you’ll learn this evening when she drops in on Access New York to chat with hosts Kelly Brady and Amber Lee Ettinger.

Then again, the delicious duo won’t only be dishing with Jessica about the business end of the modeling trade.

They’ll also delve into how women of all body types can rock a sex- goddess look.

And to help them on that front will be makeup artist to the stars Jasen Kaplan, who was featured on E!’s Gastineau Girls (because he’s Lisa and Brittny Gastineaux’s BFF) and Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and on MTV’s Making the Band and My Super Sweet 16.

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And to see more pics – and videos – of Amber and Kelly, click here.

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