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Daily Highlights: Friday, August 27, 2010


At 3 PM Today Mediaite will with talk to CNN’s Anderson Cooper, live from New Orleans, about the five year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and more.


At 3 PM In this week’s episode of The Wow Effect hosted by Christine Hohlbaum tune in to live interviews with best-selling authors Deepak Chopra, Debbie Ford, and Marianne Williamson.


At 3 PM Tune in to Tomorrow will be Televised . This week’s guests include: Jim Turner of Canoe Ventures, Will Griffin of Hip-Hop On Demand, and Dawn Chmielewski of the LA Times.


On demand Grand Central Pub talks to  Jo Bracken who  grew up with possibly one of the wittiest and most practical moms in the 60s, Peg Bracken–who has a book to prove it: THE I HATE TO COOK BOOK. Jo talks about her mom’s advice, what the book means to her, and its relevance in today’s home and culture.


Today at 3 Fitness Guru, Ana Caban hosts her inaugural show with us. Joining her will be fitbook™ creator, Angela Manzanares as they discuss goal setting, achievement and accountability.

*Please note that all show times are listed in EST time.

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Blogging’s Greatest Hits


by Deborah Ng

As a professional blogger, it took years for me to learn the ropes. Blogging isn’t something I entered into blind. I did a lot of research to learn from the best probloggers in the business. There’s a lot more to blogging than just posting some content.

After browsing our blogging-related content, I realize we have so much educational content from both well known bloggers, and up and comers. If you’re interested in learning more about blogging, you might be interested in these gems from the BlogTalkRadio vault:

Blogging’s Greatest Hits

  • My friend “Authority Blogger” Chris Garrett, who is also a blogging superstar and all around nice guy, visited with SobCon Radio in December to discuss blogging.
  • At BlogWorld Expo ’08, another of my blogging friends, Darren Rowse, the ProBlogger himself, stopped by the BlogTalkRadio booth to talk about b5Media, blogging and more.
  • Darren also visited with Wayne Hurlbert last July to discuss blogging for a six figure income.
  • Chris Garrett and David Peralty dropped by to chat with me on FWJ Radio to talk about whether it’s more profitable to blog for one’s self or become a blogger for hire.
  • My idol (and friend), Liz Strauss, visited with Wayne Hurlbert to talk about Blogger and SOBCon founder Liz Strauss talks relationship blogging and power of conference participation
  • Liz also visited with Sherry Borzo last month to discuss blogging and social media as a way to build community.
  • A couple of weeks ago, Jim Turner of Social Mediasphere discussed the future of blog networks.
  • Behind the Blog answers all your questions about blogs and blogging.
  • Another blogging friend, Wendy Pearsall of Sparkplugging, visited Let’s Talk Blogging in December 2007 to discuss building her blogging network and an online business.
  • Blogger’s School offers practical advice for starting a profitable and successful blog.
  • Business Builders offered tips for blogging for business.
  • Blog Wold Expo Radio features interviews and advice with the movers and shakers in blogging and social media.
  • Another friend, Jenn Mattern discusses how to become a professional blogger
  • The Blog Training Academy teaches all about how to start a blog from scratch.

BlogTalkRadio features over 500 hours of blogging-related content. Please see the search results page for a look at all of our blogging-related content, or subscribe to the blogging feed to receive alerts to all upcoming blogging-themed shows.

Twitter’s Greatest Hits

How do YOU use Twitter Search?

by Deb

Over the weekend I had an epiphany. Since we’re always using the forum, this blog and BlogTalkRadio Insider to help our hosts find ways to bring traffic and listeners to their shows, why not also bring out some gems from the BlogTalkRadio vault. Saturday’s feature, Chris Brogan’s Greatest hits was quite the success and I hope those who listened to some of the archived segments walked away with something useful.

Since Twitter is a huge topic of discussion among the BlogTalkRadio community, I thought it was time to bring out Twitter’s Greatest Hits. Some of these links are single segments, others point to a Twitter oriented show page. As with the last “Greatest Hits” feature, I hope you walk away with the knowledge you need to succeed using this popular microblogging platform. Behold:

Twitter’s Greatest Hits:

  • In June, 2008, Tim Phelan gave a mini Twitter tutorial.
  • Warren Whitlock, or @warrenwhitlock if you follow him on Twitter, not only wrote the Twitter Revolution, he also has a weekly Twitter radio show right here on BlogTalkRadio.
  • A new Twitter-oriented show makes its debut today – Twitter Radio!
  • Last month the Columbia Journalism School presented a Twitter briefing.
  • Would you believe there’s a Twitter cruise? Check out Twitter by the Sea.
  • Last week, Black Talk Radio explored the various Twitter applications.
  • Every Tuesday Jason Crouch and Ken Cook bring us Twitter Tuesday!
  • To Twitter or not to Twitter. Find out when Karen Rands explores this social networking phenomenon.
  • Why should you follow me anyone on Twitter? Learn the answers on SEO101.
  • Twitter can also be used to raise awarness and funds for charitable causes. On User Friendly Thinking Connie Reese discussed using Twitter to raise cancer awareness.
  • In October, Social Media Explosion, welcomed  the authors of The Twitter Handbook, Warren Whitlock and Deb Micek.
  • In November Jim Turner of Social Mediasphere featured a discussion on Twitter and how it can be monetized.
  • Even the FlyLady and friends discussed Twitter!
  • This past September, Paul Cooley discussed using Twitter to build up your business.
  • In October, Socially Speaking welcomed Laura “@pistachio” Fitton who discussed the different benefits of microblogging.

BlogTalkRadio features over 500 Twitter-oriented broadcasts in our vault. If you’re interested in learning how to use Twitter to build up contacts and community, do browse our listings.

What’s Going On? February 6, 2009


Good morning, friends. Need I tell you we have a full plate today?  I won’t bore you with the small talk. Instead, let’s get to today’s highlights: (All Times EST)

  • Join my friends Jim Turner and Rick Calvert as they kick off the new year leading up to the BlogWorld and New Media Expo coming up in October. Today they’re talking about what’s on tap for the new year and the acquisition of the New Media Expo and what it means for Blog World Expo. Check it out at 3:00.
  • Warren Whitlock, co-author of Twitter Revolution: How Social Media and Mobile Marketing is Changing the Way We Do Business & Market Online hosts a weekly show to help you grow your network, find new friends, lead and customers and market yourself on Twitter and other social media. Listen in tonight at 10:00.
  • This morning at 11:00, Eva Abreu will be speaking with college student David Pierce, who writes about how to get organized with the “One Box” method on LifeHack.org.
  • What makes a mom a “Momtrepreneur?” Learn by listening in to WAHPM Radio this afternoon at 2;00.
  • Is there such a thing as a personal brand or is it just a cottage industry in search of a market? Can you have a personal brand and be an employee? What’s the difference (If Any) between personal brand and a person’s reputation. Geoff Livingston, author of Now is Gone and Hajj Flemings author of The Brand YU Life will throw it down in this show hosted by Albert Maruggi. Social Media Throwdown gets to the heart of the issue with lively discussion outside of the echo chamber.The fun begins at 2:00.

For a complete listing of all of today’s BlogTalkRadio programming, please see our on air schedule. Remember, if you the live broadcast, you can catch the podcast on demand soon after.

Bob Cox of the Media Bloggers Association on Blog World Expo Radio


Members of the blogosphere won’t want to miss out on today’s Blog World Expo Radio show. Hosts Jim Turner and Rick Calvert will be chatting with the president of the Media Blogger’s Association, Robert Cox.

Why is this a big deal?

Unless you’ve been hiding in a cave or off Twitter for a while, there’s a big ‘ol storm brewing because of a funny little blog called The Drudge Retort which poked a bit of fun at the real deal Drudge Report. Not everyone has a sense of humor and the Associated Press went DMCA on The Drudge Retort’s butt. Backlash ensued.

Read Rick Calvert’s explanation at the BWE blog:

Very short version of the story, The AP sent several DMCA take down notices to The Drudge Retort. Some of those notices went beyond normal fair use standards. Rogers Cadenhead the publisher of The Drudge Retort complied with several of the notices and called the Media Bloggers Association for help.

Then all hell broke loose. The Blogosphere is railing against the AP. Jeff Jarvis has been very vocal. Sites like TechCrunch and Little Green Footballs are banning all AP content.

Mike Arrington and numerous others suspect a conspiracy between The AP, The NYT and The MBA.

Others are calling the MBA a flat out scam and even attacking the man at the center of this bruhaha Cadenhead.

Now some are coming to the MBA and Cox’ defense.

What is the real story? I don’t know and the truth is most folks in the Blogosphere don’t either but that doesn’t stop many from forming opinions and lynching parties.

To get the whole story and to find out how this will effect you as a blogger, tune in today at 3:00 p.m. EST to BWE Radio. You can call in at 646-716-7047 or add your views to the chat.

See you there.