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Carol Channing: Gallo Wine Driver Composed My New Arts Anthem

It’s not often that truck drivers get their songs showcased by super- stars like Carol Channing—or any celeb, for that matter.

But that’s exactly what happened in the case of one such driver from her hometown of Modesto, Calif.

CAPTIONS: "I'm crazy about this song," Carol (above) tells is about her new educational number.

"I'm crazy about this song," Carol (above) tells us of her new educational number.

Interviewed this week on The Fruit Salad Show, Carol says that—as part of her new Job Corps campaign to inspire delinquent school kids—she opens her presentations with a composition about the importance of arts programs in America’s public schools.

“A truck driver who drives trucks for Gallo wines… wrote a song for me to sing. And he’s exactly on the nose,” Carol tells host Pauly – before quipping, “I could sing it for you Acapulco.”

Moments later, the Hello Dolly diva—who, in 2004, was award- ed a Ph.D. in fine arts by California State University—does in fact belt out the unnamed driver’s number a cappella:

The show must go on,
Make sure the marquis’ lit,
The show must go on,
Don’t let the spotlight sit,
The future’s at stake,
The schools all implore us,
Just give kids the chance,
And you’ll see one day their skills will advance.
Move over! Make way!
The arts must keep their place in education.

To hear Carol’s 60-minute interview—including her full rendition of The Show Must Go Onclick here.